Sometimes, people say nice things about us!

Joy Fajardo (Tyler Foundation)

  • Event Graphic/Logo

Nate is an easy and attentive designer to work with. He built my confidence and trust as an active listener and by being incredibly thorough in each part of the process. I would highly recommend his services and am looking forward to further projects with HBD.


Larry Knipfing (TCT, Japanesque, Loop Division, Larry’s Americana)

  • Brand Identity
  • Logos
  • Business Card
  • Static Website
  • Customized WordPress Blog

Nate did a great job on the project I hired him for. He combined a good sense for business with a good sense for design. He works fast, really puts his all into it, and came up with some really beautiful concepts. He has his own ideas, but is also a good listener. I have already hired him again for other projects.

TCT-logo-highres Loop-Division-logo-highres Japanesque-logo-highres Larry's-Americana-logo-highres BC-highres

Matthew Bailey (The Rhyming Gaijin)

  • Logo
  • Characters/Silhouettes

…They were able to take our many ideas and turn it into something that we will enjoy looking at for a long time. The designer talked to us in a way where we felt we were part of the design team…

rgtitle RG-Logo-Heart-High-Res RG-Characters-High-Res RG-Logo-High-Res

Dominic Nelson (Nikko International & Project Aware)

  • Project Aware Logo & Logotype
  • Business Card
  • Advertising
  • Various Others

…Humble Bunny Design gets down to business with creative ideas and thoughtful solutions, which fit our intended segments of the market individually, embrace the sensibilities of our consumer base, and beat the expectations of my company…

nibc niwallpaper projectaware

Dylan Robertson (Hello Yoga!)

  • Social Media Package
  • Logo Redraw

…(Nate) spent a long time paying attention to small details and persisted until everything fit just right. The result was a beautiful branded look for our Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and YouTube channels. I’d recommend Nate to anyone seeking a designer with an eye for detail and creative flair.

hy-facebook hy-youtube