We do web design, coding, SEO, pay-per-click ads, and other services focused around optimizing your website and digital presence to catalyze growth for your company in the Japanese market. Whether Japan is the next stop on your global takeover, or it’s the starting point, our goal is to elevate your brand to success.

5 Point Service Standard

Coming from the land of omotenashi, you should expect nothing less than the best level of service. Our 5 Point Service Standard keeps everything open and clear, so you may reach your goals quickly and effectively. They are:

Transparent Pricing We calculate our admin costs based on actual man hours expected. If you have USD50,000 to spend, that will get you exactly double the amount of energy and effort from our team that you would get from USD25,000. It’s that simple.
120% Effort We prefer partner-style relationships–where we’re in it together. To that extent, while we do have a scope of work in place for projects, we’re happy to go the extra mile and increase our relationship, the value of the project, and the end result. We’re so serious about it that we’re publicizing it here! With HB, you can expect a flexible, friendly, and amicable process.
Equal Priority From Coca-Cola, all the way down to one-man, just started yesterday startups, we work with all types of organizations. We love working this way. However, we can only retain our near 95% return rate by treating our customers equally. And that’s exactly what we do. We promise you our undivided attention within the scope of your project!
Diligent Reporting & Communications For our ongoing optimization projects it’s important to know the granular details of the project performance, and also to understand what’s going on. We have 2 periods in a month for all our Clients: a performance report, and a progress tracker to keep you informed and aware of what’s going on. We’re also available for a meeting anytime you need.
Proactive Management Our team is carefully selected for their passion and hunger to have an impact. We have internal processes such as “3/3/3” and pre-scheduled full-team meetings for each project to make sure ideas are brewing and we’re always proactively ahead of the project. This means lots of ideation and creative juice to help your project steam forward effectively, including high-traction activities and opportunities that go beyond our basic project agreements.

Please feel free to ask us about them.

Company Information

Official Name Humble Bunny Kabushiki Kaisha
Director Nathan Hoernig
Employees 10 – 15
Capital ¥10,000,000
  • Graphic, Digital, Branding Design, and Development
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Business Consultation and Support
  • Other activities related to the above
Founded October 11, 2009
Incorporated November 1, 2016
Bank Mitsui-Sumitomo, Aoyama Branch
Registered (Mailing) Address 3-6-2 Shibuya 4F, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002 Japan

Our Humble Beginnings

Humble Bunny was contrived and imagined in 2009 as an entity with a slightly different view on the role and importance of graphic design and digital marketing: that helping others find success is the key to finding your own.

Our founder, Nate, has loved drawing and doodling since he was just a little guy. After entering a “Save the Environment” drawing contest and having his own design displayed on a road-side billboard at the age of 10, he realized how he can use his creative skills to connect with others and provide a positive experience for those around him.

All that from a little sketch drawn on the kitchen table at age 10!

Nathan Hoernig Fifth Grade Newspaper Clipping

The ethos of that experience lives on in Humble Bunny’s values every day. We use our skills to help companies and individuals communicate, grow, and find success. We also feel incredibly fortunate to be living in Japan, a culturally rich country filled with beauty in design and communication of unspoken meaning. Our goal is to help Japan to reach out across the world, and the world to connect with Japan, through the power of design and communication.

Our Partners

Humble Bunny advertising strategies are innovated and executed in collaboration with Jade Antlers. Jade Antlers performance marketing and advertising agency logo