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Humble Bunny’s Culture Code & DNA

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4 Unconventional Features of Humble Bunny


Quarterly Company Trips

At HB, we target 3 to 4 trips a year Yes, it's a bit crazy and unconventional, but that's kinda who we are as we challenge the idea of work as a lifestyle. Each trip has a theme: Snow, Beach, Mountain, International. Let's make a promise to each other: You come and kick ass on the marketing in the day-to-day, and we'll make our CEO Nate pay to take you all over the place. ;)


Mental Health Day

Once a month, you get 1 mandatory day to switch off and focus staying mentally and physically healthy. Each member spends the day doing something challenging or relaxing. You could go surfing, take a walk in the forest, or visit a museum to enjoy art. HB will even pay for your activities that day. Magic!


Culture Day

Culture Day is a time to come together hard on things like HB's direction, our brand, our working approach, and project collaboration. We merge this with some casual (and sometimes competitive) fun to know each other. We also change up the location - whether it's a new space with a view of the city, or at the base of a mountain (before an invigorating hike) - it's a fresh and personal day for all of us.


Brand Democracy

HB is one of the world's first companies to formalize flat culture and bottom-up decision making. The structure is simple: Inspiration and ideas can come from anywhere. From there, we discuss as a group what, how, why, and when to implement the initiatives. You've probably never been this integrated into the workings of your employer. Apply if you're fired up about being a proper player in your day job!

Other Amazing Features


"Success" Volunteering

Our mission focuses on the success of others--not just our team and our Clients, but also those less fortunate. We are currently developing and testing out a multi-layer package of volunteering and donation to steer our deep privilege and passionate energy into having a direct impact on others. Maybe you can help us extend this via one of our future Brand Democracy sessions.


Career Path Transparency & Planning

Your career, your title, and your salary are important. With crystal clear promotion frameworks and manager integrated meetings, we actively help you build your path forward. No more "they changed my department" or "not what I expected" bullshit here.


Up to 4 Days Remote

At HB, you can work remote up to 4 days in the week (Wednesdays are on-site). You can also come into the office every day! From Day 1, It's fully up to you. You can also change it up each week. Want to work remote from *Insert Dream Destination* Thursday to Tuesday? Go for it. You now have that freedom.


Flex Hours

All full-time staff are allowed to work on a flex-hour system with the core (including lunch break of 1 hour) between 11am and 4pm.

As you can see, we set out to do things a little differently. And hopefully, so do you.

We believe that by maximizing your unique background and individual culture, we can enrich not only your work but also your life. But let us be clear, this isn’t about you—it’s about “us” as a team, and it’s about taking our virtues and our power to have an impact upon our teammates, Clients, and society as a whole.

If you carry this strong sense of self, but have an authentic fire in your heart to contribute to others, you could be an amazing candidate for one of Humble Bunny’s rare and coveted marketing positions.

To help you learn more about us, we would like to introduce you to a bit more of our culture code and client-oriented Value.

The Humble Bunny Vision

As a business, what is the world we envision to operate within?

We believe that success for all of our team members, clients, and partners comes not from questions like “What do we have to do?”, but rather “Why are we doing this?” Essentially, we’re talking about impact from the work, and purpose in our energy.


Our Vision Photographed - Shot by a team member during a team trip to Okinawa

Our Culture and Value Map

What principles do we effect in the present to support and pursue our Vision?

Where our Vision envisions the world in which we want to live (and thereby our big picture mandate of change and impact) our Culture and Value Map is the foundation on which we build our day-to-day actions and decisions as a business executing premium marketing services to discerning Clients. It’s these “micro”. movements, towards our “macro” Vision that allow us to work towards such a future. A future that we certainly can’t create alone, but that we relentlessly and passionately pursue.
Humble Bunny Marketing Job Position - Culture and Value Map

Humble Bunny Culture Code

The Humble Bunny team photo

Our culture advocates: (Some of) the people that make this all happen!

We believe that in order to create success for those around us, it is important to first refine our own roots in order to create a synergistic effect on our immediate members, and to create a large circle of small “successes”. In order to achieve this, we are conscious of growing step by step, even if it is a small step. This is our day-to-day mindset, and the Culture Code helps us align this mindset into action. The unique culture code of Humble Bunny, which was born from the exciting mix of cultures within our team, gives us a framework for collaborating. It also helps us understand and be positive towards each other. It’s a driving framework for our success.



1. An attitude of helping and caring for each other
2. The two-way cycle of “help and be helped”
3. Express gratitude and “Thank you!”
4. Give first, Get second



1. Take “just one more step” to delight or surprise the Team or Clients
2. Propose proactive solutions
3. Be in touch with the mind and heart of others and make the first move
4. Be at least part of the solution, don’t just ask for the solution



1. Value what you want to do. Value what others want to do.
2. Bring your vision and mission in life to Humble Bunny
3. Have the will to say, “This is what I would do.”
4. Have confidence in who you are, as well as what you can do.



1. Open format: Creating a place where people can exchange their wills and opinions regardless of their position or age
2. Every idea is worthwhile
3. Keep in mind the question “What do you think?”
4. Sessions to overcome challenges together



1. Try and fail wisely
2. Have the courage to take risks for growth
3. Support and Nurture others in their challenges
4. Jump first, my teammates will be my wings


1. Continue to learn with humility
2. Try to move forward even a millimeter from where I was yesterday
3. Share your learning with others
4. Embrace the unknown with confidence of an empowering team behind you.
5. Be curious and look for a solution that’s all yours

Are you ready to show your true self?

If you’re as exhilarated about the future we’re creating as we are, and also know that you have the heart to contribute to a high performing team, reach out to us and apply. Below is a key position that we’re recruiting for, but feel free to apply even if you have other value to provide. Welcome to the team!



Is HB the perfect company?


Actually, No! :P

We’re comfortable being imperfect. We also think that it’s realistic to be imperfect. Building a great company is not a destination, it’s an infinite journey that we consistently pursue—and also love pursuing. Every year, we get better and stronger. If you’re looking for the perfect company, you might be woefully too delirious to join us. Or, you might have a vision of how to craft that and want to make a contribution. If you’re the latter, let’s talk!

What is HB working on right now?

In 2023, we have a few core mandates:
1. Relaunching our new brand (this site is old!)
2. Increasing our contribution of knowledge and transparency via Discoveries, Video, and an amplified Social presence
3. Tweaks to pricing for better controlled work scope and growth predictability
4. Testing of new Culture and Purpose initiatives

Unlimited holiday sounds great, but is it actually usable?

Yes, it is. We have never turned down a holiday where the team member is fully delivered and covered on their tasks (which we manage very closely to avoid overwork). Note that we have other systems (the “buffer” system, and the “floater” system) that allow us to support each other more. Ask us about this!

How long is the recruit process?

It depends greatly on the candidate. If you qualify for the position and we can do interviews straight away, it could take as short as 2 to 3 weeks. If there are gaps of information, we need a bit more screening, a portfolio, etc., it could take longer. We often do a take-home test if you are open to that. That test can also extend the process if, for example, you need more time to complete it.

How many projects will I have?

It greatly depends on the size of the project, but in general, you will have 2 to 4 projects that you are working on.

How are project teams made up at Humble Bunny?

Each project has a team of 2-4 people primarily running it.