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What Makes Humble Bunny Ecommerce Service Unique?


Achieving the success of our clients always starts with curiosity. Our innate drive pushes us to go the extra mile while looking for new ecommerce techniques and solutions that will result in a tailored strategy best suited for our clients in the Japanese market. It manifests itself in relentless testing of ecommerce messaging, targeting, and industry leading tools.


Our curiosity leads us to the discovery of new marketing techniques and solutions brought from an approach that may have never been done before. In fact, our advanced learning and conversion optimization platform ‘Elevate’ is all about discoveries. It allows us to uncover unique consumer motivations through culture and psychology testing and provides our clients with valuable insights that they can apply in all other sectors of their business, well into the future.

Brands We Have Worked With

Sleeping Baby

Japanese ecommerce agency services in Tokyo strategy for Sleeping Baby

Sleeping Baby is a leading manufacturer and seller of unique baby sleep clothing. We have helped our client by growing two main sales channels in the Japanese e-commerce market: Amazon and Rakuten.

Not only did we optimize all the listings with custom photography, featured images, design elements, as well as SEO-optimized content, but also launched and optimized advertisements and promotions on both platforms. By delivering monthly reports dedicated to each sales channel, along with analysis of insights, anomalies, and learnings we are able to continuously optimize both product listings, as well as ads.

On top of that Humble Bunny has launched a variety of supporting initiatives, like digital press releases, social media ads, and a landing page dedicated to the Japanese market.

German Luxury Fashion Brand

 Japanese e-commerce agency services in Tokyo strategy for German luxury fashion brand

German luxury leather goods industry leader has approached us in need of digital marketing support for growing the e-commerce sales channel in Japan. We kicked off the project by localizing the e-commerce shop with translations and technical optimizations to make the shopping experience friction-free for the Japanese customers.

On top of that, as one of the main characteristics of Japanese consumer culture is high uncertainty avoidance, we decided to test this cultural model via our Elevate platform. With newly taken product photography and descriptions we provided more details about the features and benefits of the product and ultimately raised the feeling of certainty among customers in the Japanese market, which allowed them to make the purchase decisions easier.

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What’s Included in Our Ecommerce Service

Humble Bunny offers a wide variety of sub-services that allows us to achieve the best e-commerce results for our clients:

  • Wide variety of platforms (Amazon, Rakuten, Yahoo! Shopping, ZOZOTOWN, Wowma!, Qoo10, etc.)
  • Product photography and editing
  • Product listing design and conversion optimization
  • Promotional and sales strategy
  • On-platform ad strategy

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Our Ecommerce Testing Process

Japanese ecommerce agency services in Tokyo testing A+ content example
At Humble Bunny, we believe in the power of thorough testing that allows us to discover exciting optimization potential for our clients, as well as insights and learnings that can be leveraged across different platforms well into the future.

An example of that is the testing we have performed on the Amazon platform for Sleeping Baby. We have tested the impact of 3 following factors on the conversion rate:

  • Product images
  • Product name and description (copy)
  • Enhanced brand content (A+ content)

In order to make the test as unbiased as possible, we have focused on 3 separate products and launched the optimizations in stages:

Period Product 1 Product 2 Product 3
Month 1 New product images applied. New product copy applied. Unchanged (control group).
Month 2 New product copy applied. Unchanged (control group). New product copy applied.

A+ content applied.

On top of that, we took into consideration the additional factors that could have biased the test: stock levels, the popularity of particular patterns, as well as ongoing promotions and ads.

The results allowed us to discover which optimizations perform best in the Japanese market and gave us a direction for future conversion optimizations, as well as valuable insights for the client for growing in the Japanese market.

Habit of Overdelivering

Japanese ecommerce agency services in Tokyo product photoshoot
For all of our e-commerce clients we follow a simple approach: always overdeliver. We strive to proactively exceed our client’s expectations by going the extra mile. An excellent example of that are Sleeping Baby product listings on Amazon: instead of following the generic patterns and plain images, we committed to an extensive review of best practice research. It allowed us to understand the value of visual asset quality and image annotations for Japanese consumers.

Consecutively, we ended up revamping the entire approach to product imagery: starting from redefining the unique selling points of the products, capturing it during product photoshoot, editing the images, designing icons and custom graphic elements, and finally annotating the product photography with all the visual elements and unique selling points.

Not only did the new images improved conversion rate on the Japanese Amazon market, but were also used by the client for other online sales channels.

Advanced, Data-Driven Ecommerce Analytics

Japanese ecommerce agency services in Tokyo data-driven analytics
At the core of our e-commerce service lies the commitment to collect, aggregate, analyze, and learn from extensive amounts of data. We have developed a system of monthly e-commerce reports (dedicated to each platform we are working on) accompanied by data analysis that includes:

  • Performance highlights
  • Anomalies
  • Insights and learnings (things that are not visible in the reports)

We present and discuss the reports and analysis during our monthly meetings with the clients, constantly providing full transparency, valuable data insights, and optimization plans for the future.

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