Japanese Beers in Many Shapes & Sizes

Posted By Nathan Hoernig


Japan has a major drinking culture. It’s one of the only countries where alcohol is as much a part of business practice as the business itself. Add to that the social drinking culture (a force in itself), and you’ve got a country with a major love of alcohol.

The staple drink of choice: beer.

With beer so deeply rooted in the culture, it’s no wonder that beer companies want to optimize sales. In lieu of that, the following is Kirin’s Ichiban Shibori in a spectrum of sizes in hopes of hitting all types of drinkers and their relative cravings.


From left to right

500ml (16.9oz)
350ml (11.8oz)
250ml (8.5oz)
135ml (4.6oz)

I would venture to guess that those two smaller sizes are geared towards people with lower tolerances or for those who sincerely and honestly like the flavor of beer, but feel full upon drinking too much of it.

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