Japanese-Made Must-Haves For Creatives

Posted By Nathan Hoernig

How will this make you cool?

So the creative types are supposed to be “in the know” about what’s cool and what’s hot (that was borderline, pun…you get my meaning).

In hopes of keeping you all ahead of the curve, I’ve discovered a Japanese design company focused around the clever, inventive and innovative.

That company is called +d and has all you could ever want to keep your creative happiness alive and your friends/clients wondering why you’ve always got such cool stuff.

Here we go!

Key Keeper

What does it do?

It eliminates clanking keys and the number of small scratches you’re making as it slides against other stuff in your pocket or purse. The way it’s designed, all you have to do is hold the rubber end with one hand and push it straight into the lock. The key slides out on it’s own!

How you should be using it.

When you lay your keys on the table at that coffee shop, your customer will be wondering what you’ve just laid down in front of them. Let them know that you’re a sucker for detail and just hate having little scratches on your stuff! They’ll appreciate your attention to the “little” things as they anticipate its effect on their project!

Animal Rubberbands

What do they do?

These little guys function as normal rubberbands but when removed from duty and laid down, they shrink back to the shape of animals! How fun!

How you should be using them.

These little guys have been around for a bit but they’re still cool!
When you head to a client meeting, wrap one of these little guys around anything you can find: your smartphone, your tablet, your portfolio, your wrist. Keep one on you so you can pull it off, lay it on the table and allow the flow of conversation. If you really wanna start off on the right foot, let your client have it and allow them to be just as hip as you!

The Arched Ruler

What does it do?

It’s an arched ruler that springs up after you’ve used it? By springing up, it does three fabulous things:

  1. Finally, a ruler that you don’t have to pick at with your fingers or slide off the table in order to pick up!
  2. Allows you to avoid slipped lines because the pressure from pushing it down keeps it in place
  3. Keeps you from smearing wet ink around as you slide the ruler off the page and away from the line you just drew

How you should be using it.

This one’s easy. When you’re sketching or drawing mock-ups (by hand?), You could be using this to get your straight lines in order.

The Evolution Eraser

What does it do?

One end of the eraser is the modern man. The other is a primate. The goal is to start at one end of the eraser and erase your way down to the other. The more mistakes/corrections you make, the faster your eraser will “evolve” into the shape of modern man! You could also make a metaphorical statement by using it in the opposite direction!

How you should be using it.

It’s an eraser! Erase your mistakes when sketching, doodling and taking notes at client meetings! Just try not to get into a heated debate and convince your new client that modern man is nothing more than a grunting primate. They might take it personally!

The Photo Hanger

What does it do?

Does it bother you to no end when you end up putting holes in paper work or in posters as you tack them up on the wall/bulletin board? Use this to ensure you’re not putting damaging marks in your precious stuff!

How you should be using it.

If you’re like me and you’ve got random infographics, mini-posters and how-to printouts plastered all over the place, these will allow you to keep those things in good condition while also keeping your office playful, colorful and a point of interest to those who come into it!

The Ninjapin

What does it do?

While we’re on the subject of avoiding damaging things, save your walls as well! This will avoid leaving a black hole on your wall where you put in that standard pushpin. If you’re renting your space, this’ll possibly save you money in the long-run!

How you should be using it.

Not quite rocket science on this one. Replace your push-pins! Try using this in unison with the photo hangers for double the save-my-stuff power. If you haven’t invested in the hangers yet, you could use this instead of a pushpin to hang up posters or other notes. It’ll still put a hole in but at least it won’t be as noticeable!

What’s your conversation starter?

Having something interesting, unique and clever to flash around is a great way to keep conversation going if you suffer from conversational dry spells. What gadgets or gizmos do you carry around that end up sucking away productivity through “What’s that?” banter? Let us know so we can invest in some as well!

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