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Our PPC Services in Tokyo, Japan

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What Makes Humble Bunny PPC Service Unique?

Going Above and Beyond With Our Techniques, Solutions, and Testings

While most of the competitors are hands-off after launching the initial PPC strategy, or limit themselves to the reporting and light optimizations, we believe in the ongoing commitment to discovering new PPC techniques, solutions, as well as message and targeting testing followed by insight extraction. Therefore our PPC campaigns keep continuously improving over time, yielding better ROAS and valuable, long-term learnings for our clients.

Focusing on the Long-Term Value While Delivering Immediate Results

As much as PPC is designed to provide quick results, we don’t stop there. There is so much more for paid ads than just getting some immediate conversions, paid traffic, or leads. At Humble Bunny we believe in the long-term value of our PPC strategies, making sure they return the investment in multiple ways, long into the future. By testing our targeting and messaging approaches, and developing custom audiences, we are able to extract learnings about targeted personas, demographics, interests, behaviors, and cultural insights about the client’s audience in the Japanese market. This wealth of information can be leveraged anytime, across many different marketing channels, even when the client stops running PPC campaigns.

Brands We Have Worked With

German Luxury Fashion Brand

Japanese PPC agency services in Tokyo strategy for German luxury fashion brand

German luxury leather goods industry leader has approached us in need of growing the e-commerce sales channel in Japan via paid ads. We worked closely with the client to establish the best PPC advertising channels in Japan, and decided to use Facebook, Instagram, Google Search, Display, and Shopping Ads.

On the social channels, we developed an advanced funnel structure for the campaigns, ad sets, and ads, as well as an ongoing message and targeting testing framework. This approach allowed to reach all the audiences that were relevant to the client, especially by leveraging:

  • Email list targeting
  • Lookalike audience targeting (based on website visitors and newsletter subscribers)
  • Creative manual interest-based targeting
  • Targeting audiences that interacted with other ads (driving customers down the sales funnel)
  • Remarketing to shoppers who visited the online store but did not finalize the purchase

On top of that, we kept learning from the monthly reports and continued optimizing the message and targeting month by month.
For search ads, we dedicated a lot of time to comprehensive keyword research in Japanese, which allowed us to discover keywords that were closely mapped to the client’s offering, enjoyed good search volume and had a relatively low cost per click.

Similar to the social ads, we diligently tracked and reported on the performance data and used it to keep optimizing the ROI of our ads. We also applied our testing framework, with regard to message and targeting to the Google Ads.

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 Japanese PPC agency services in Tokyo strategy for Materialise

Materialise is a B2B software solutions and 3D printing services provider, that reached out to us in need of a robust PPC strategy for Google Search and Facebook ads in the Japanese market.

Through close collaboration with Materialise specialists, we were able to extract unique value propositions of Materialise service, translate it into a powerful marketing message for our ads, and refine the targeted audiences and keywords. Thanks to our commitment to testing and data analysis, we quickly discovered that in the Japanese B2B market great success was attributed to social ads using audience retargeting and targeting lookalike users based on the retargeting audiences. 79.3% of all lead generation conversions were attributed to this strategy, with only 20.7% coming from manual, interest-based targeting.

What’s Included in Our PPC Service

Humble Bunny offers a wide variety of sub-services that allows us to achieve the best PPC ROAS and results for our clients:

  • Message development and testing
  • Advanced retargeting
  • Targeting testing and custom audience creation
  • Advanced social ad structure strategy (funnel creation)
  • Keyword research for search ads targeting
  • Naming conventions and UTMs application

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Our Unique Naming Approach

Japanese PPC agency services in Tokyo naming conventions
At Humble Bunny, we have developed our own, unique naming conventions for all PPC strategy levels: campaigns, ad sets/groups, ads, and UTMs. It allows us and our clients to clearly see all the key differences between tested variables, for example:

  • Manual vs lookalike targeting
  • Website visitors vs newsletter subscribers retargeting
  • Lifestyle vs product-focused messaging
  • Demographic differences

This, along with custom UTMs that provide easily understandable insights in Google Analytics helps our clients get perfect clarity on what is being tested and what are the results on an ongoing basis.

Commitment to Split Testing and Optimizations

Japanese PPC agency services in Tokyo naming conventions
Our innate curiosity for testing both messaging and targeting on an ongoing basis allows us to keep extracting valuable learnings and leverage them to continuously optimize our PPC campaigns.

For example, within our conversion-focused ads, we tested the messages revolving around product features (giving customers detailed information about the product and it’s unique value points) versus lifestyle messages, speaking to the aspirational and inspirational emotions of the audience.

Another excellent testimony to our commitment to testing is Elevate: our proprietary learning and optimization engine, based on using a hybrid manual and machine-learning system. It boosts the performance of PPC campaigns by allowing our clients to learn what makes their customers make purchase decisions and optimize landing pages for conversions. You can find more details about how Elevate works in our Japanese PPC case study.

All of our testing efforts allow us to keep refining our ads over time: narrowing the targeted audiences, excluding ineffective demographics or interest groups, and tweaking the structure of ad creatives to match the interest of users in the best possible way.

Advanced, Data-Driven PPC Analytics

Japanese PPC agency services in Tokyo data-driven analytics
What allows us to deliver exceptional results in the extremely competitive PPC market, is the commitment to collecting, analyzing, and learning from extensive amounts of data. At Humble Bunny, we have developed a system of monthly PPC reports (dedicated to each PPC channel, and customized in order to best reflect the performance on the particular platform: for example keyword and search terms insights for Google Ads, the performance of the creative elements of social ads) accompanied by data analysis that includes:

  • Performance highlights
  • Anomalies
  • Insights and learnings (things that are not visible in the reports)

We present and discuss the reports and analysis during our monthly meetings with the clients, constantly providing full transparency, valuable data insights, and optimization plans for the future.

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