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Why Choose Humble Bunny?

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Precise and long-standing quality in the moat wall of a Japanese castle

Here are the things that set us apart from other agencies and why we can guarantee your satisfaction with Humble Bunny:

No Pressured Sales

Take a look at our No Pressure Sales Promise for more on this point. But the main gist is, we don’t do persistent sales calls and bug you.

Read more about our No Pressure Sales Promise.

Industry Standards or Above

Here’s something a bit scary about the design, development, and digital marketing industry: it’s easy for vendors to take shortcuts.

We don’t take shortcuts.

We’ll give you the industry standard or better on everything we do. That’s part of our Business Integrity Policy.

If you want a finger swipe to show you the next image, we’ll code that in without you asking us. Sure, it’s more work, but your users expect that.

48-hour Response Time

Communication while incredibly important, is a bit elusive in the business world. Not with us.

We’ll respond to you within two business days.

We understand that the progress of your project and your business is dependent on how fast we can get back to you.

As easy as that. No more wondering when you’re gonna get a response.

Transparent Pricing & Within Budget

When we propose out projects, we show you exactly what you’re gonna get and exactly how much it’s going to cost. No surprises add-ons or extra costs.

Why do we include this in our service policy? Well, based on what we’ve heard from our clients, while clear pricing seems like a given, often times it’s not. In fact, we’ve hired outside contractors for internal work and have also been surprised at unexpected fees. We don’t think that caters to the pricing demands of businesses and so we’ve made it our policy to stop that.

We’ll tell you exactly what’s included and not included in our proposals and pricing so you can make an educated decision about your choice of vendor.

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