Marketing Manager (Mid to Senior Level) Position Details

Marketing Manager leading the team

A Marketing Agency job that’s not quite what you expect it to be

As our name “Humble” suggests, we are looking for leaders who are humble in their approach to their work but can lead a team with energy and positivity. We’re looking for people who think unconventionally, get fired up at the opportunity to build and reimagine something new, and also feel a “day well spent” after helping others find their true potential and living transparently–however that all manifests for you!

With a mission of catalyzing the “Success” of others, we invite you to join us in further evolving Humble Bunny and growing our small business towards Japan’s #1 marketing agency from both a product, brand, and impact standpoint, but also as a culture and team-driven employer.

We’re looking for people who want to have an impact on Clients of course, but also on their peers as well as helping Humble Bunny grow as a powerhouse brand.

Humble Bunny has instilled the concept of work-life integration, by defining a culture code that allows members from different backgrounds and cultures to maximize their individuality and enrich not only their work but also their lives, leading to the success of their clients.
This concept is based on the life experiences and entrepreneurial spirit of Nate, the CEO of Humble Bunny.

picture of the Humble Bunny culture, working and playing off-site in Okinawa

Our first ever Remote Work Week in Okinawa

Marketing Manager Job Opportunity (Senior level also available)

Job Description The job involves developing overall marketing strategies for digital native brands, as well as monitoring, advising, and coaching the progress of projects and teams using e-commerce, PPC, SEO, PR, content strategy, and web design & development. It invites the candidate to implement methods to enhance the potential of the team and maximize individual capabilities. This is a management role with a blend of individual-driven leadership involved. Clients range from major international brands to start-ups, and industries range from B-to-C apparel brands to B-to-B real estate.For those interested in control, impact, and tangible connection to growth and results, there are insanely more opportunities at Humble Bunny than working for a large corporation. For those who can commit to Humble Bunny for the long term, we are prepared to offer things like partnerships and top-level senior positions. Let’s do this together and share in the reward.
Work schedule Remote work + 1 office visit per week

*Subject to change
Employment status Full-time employee
Experience Requirements
  • Education: International/Business degree or equivalent preferred
  • 5+ years experience in advertising agency or marketing production department (in house)
  • Fluent, High level English skills
  • Fluent (N2 or equivalent) Japanese writing and speaking skills
Skill & Leadership Requirements


  • Experience in digital marketing, including e-commerce, PPC, SEO, content marketing, copywriting, and overall promotion strategy development and execution
  • Ability to engage in strategic marketing decision making and take action
  • Ability to make sound decisions based on analysis, hypothesis testing, and results review
  • Strong “Big Picture” understanding for future-forward, empathetic, and logical decision making

Project Management

  • Experience (and comfortability) in client-facing roles
  • Strong internal project management skills (tasks, timelines, scheduling, team follow-up, etc.)
  • Proven ability to manage projects on time and at quality
  • Manage and monitor project progress
  • Strong command of team-established processes and procedures


  • Experience managing and leading teams
  • Excellent listening (understanding) skills as a leader and anchor of support for team members
  • Some acceptance and mastery of leadership fundamentals (Such as vulnerability, self-awareness, curiosity to understand people, creating safety, etc.) for inspiring teams
  • Austerity and humility to own mistakes and improve forward
Working Hours Flex System
Core Time: 11:00am – 4:00pm
Other hours during the day may be applied as individual desires (i.e. no need to block the full thing together on the front or the back of the core)
Paid Time Off Saturdays, Sundays, National holidays
*Unlimited Paid Vacation from Day 1
*Other Company-deemed Holidays may apply
Salary 〜6,900,000 yen (including bonuses, allowances, etc.)

  • Negotiable
  • HB’s Insane 40% Profit Bonus System
Welfare program Co-Pay on Social insurance (health insurance, employee pension, unemployment insurance, workers’ accident compensation insurance)
Other Amazing Perks **See a comprehensive overview on our Culture Code page!**

  • Unlimited Paid Vacation (ask us about this)
  • Bonus system with profit sharing
  • Visa sponsorship (for members of foreign nationality)
  • Mental health days once a month
  • Mental health and self-development budget each month
  • Flexible support system for life events
  • Once a month “Culture Days” to focus on brand, team, and overall company health/progress
  • Moonlighting is allowed (pending no impact or friction is felt–and priority for HB is established)
  • Whatever else we plan to test and implement!

Watch our Team Interview Video, Review the Job Perks, Learn about our Culture Framework.

A Mix of Major Global Brands, and some Underdog Grassroots Ones as Well!


Humble Bunny has worked with many global brands, some of which are not publicly available on the website. Working at Humble Bunny means that you can collaborate with these companies as part of your career. We also work a lot with smaller and mid-size clients. Getting us closer to decision-making roles and often allowing more command.

Take the initiative and be part of a growing brand.

At Humble Bunny, we’re averaging over 25% growth rate year-over-year. And we do that with a small team. If you want to be part of something bigger and have more a claim to the result, we’re an amazing place for you to thrive.

We are small, nimble, and always changing. If you have a good idea, this is the environment where you can implement it and get the support of the CEO and other staff members to help you make that idea a reality. Feel free to bring in proposals for industries you are interested in, plan projects, or start your own company. It is the most interesting way to work.

For example, one front-end web developer was so interested in analytics that he implemented a new system to calculate page depth and subsequently more accurate page performance. As a result of his proactive approach to his ideas, he not only learned new skills, but also contributed significantly to the direction and business execution of an innovative analysis project we were developing. That could be you if you have the fire in you.

Join our “fluffle” (*means a group of wild bunnies 😎)–let’s build something unconventionally amazing together!

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