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Posted By Nathan Hoernig

Welcome to the Humble Bunny blog!

After much ado, the HBD blog is now live and firing on all cannons! For the past 6 months I, the loving father of the humble bunny, have worked closely with a talented developer to convert the website and get a blog revolving around my passion for art, rolling for my clients, my fellow designers and myself.

What’s in this for you?

As HBD is based in Japan, you can expect a variety of design-related posts with a twist connecting them to Japan and the Japanese market. We’ll also be posting a variety of freelance-related and other general design content.

Different cultures have different expectations and different ideals. Successful design reflects this and respects the target audience’s mindset and way of interpreting information, color and imagery. Through our experience with design here in Japan, we hope to provide a bit of insight into this aspect.

You can also expect to find a thing or two on here about successfully being an individual business owner, managing time and handling your clients/work. Since the web hosts some great material about this topic, we’re promising to provide you with ideas that are creative and unique. Hopefully, you’ll consider it as good as (if not better than) the other solid content out there.

Join the Family!

Please subscribe if you foresee these topics being of interest to you and keep in touch with us through the comments. We’d love to hear your perspectives on the information and advice we’re putting out. Just try to keep it friendly. We’d love to hear your opinions—assuming it’s constructive and doesn’t make people sad.

The humble bunny is also looking for writers! If you feel that you’ve got a great article idea for the blog, let us know through an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with details and such.

Happy Designing and Happy Japan-ing!

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