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Web Developer Job Position in Tokyo, Japan

Experience Tokyo, Write Awesome Web Code on the Side

We’re looking for ambitious and passionate web coders to round out our team here at Humble Bunny in the heart of Tokyo. Not only do we have a playful name, but also a playful spirit. We’re here to work hard, create some amazing things for our Clients, and really push the bounds of our portfolios. But, we’re also here to absorb the country’s amazing culture, nurture new relationships, and even speak a little nihongo all the while.

Our work style is easy: work with a fervor and passion to support our Clients and peers, spend nights and evenings loving life. It’s a concept trickled down from our president:

We asked one of our developers to describe their working hours each week. His response: “楽。” We’re not sure why he responded in Japanese, being British and all, but yeah: “Easy-going”…that’s all he had to say it seems. We’re good with that.

Come to Japan, learn a language, expand your cultural identity…and do some bad ass web development on the side.

The Humble Bunny Mission

Our mission is one that you feel intrinsically drawn to: helping those around you achieve success and happiness. It’s a selfless venture which our staff believe is the catalyst for building strong relationships and even one’s own happiness and success. You are someone who believes in doing good unto others.

By helping others, we’re able to proudly carry forward our goals: to be one of Tokyo’s premier boutique web marketing companies.

Web Developer Position – Benefits Shortlist

Humble Bunny offers you one of Tokyo’s most competitive benefits packages. Take a look:

Unlimited Paid Time Off

At Humble Bunny, we hire responsible and trustworthy staff. That means we’re able to offer them the freedom to take time off when life beckons. Wanna grab a three-day weekend to hang with your friends? Not a problem here at Humble Bunny.

40-hour Work Weeks

Your working schedule will be in line with our open hours: 9am to 6pm (8 hours work, 1-hour unpaid lunch). With that, all of our employees work 40 hours a week. Is that a strict 40 a week? Very simply, with our industry, No. We sometimes have to push hard for a launch or help out in an emergency, but that time is always credited back. We’ve found that that’s the ideal middle ground and quite a bit better than other companies where you never see those hours again.

Flexible Working Hours

As mentioned above, we have fixed working hours each day, but things come up: health checkups, trips to the ward office, etc. Even the occasional need for an extra hour or two of sleep. We’ll work amicably with you to make sure you can handle the flexibilities of everyday life.

Personal Project Time

Have dreams of building an app? Always wanted to finish off that website you started building? Maybe there’s another language (linguistically OR code) you want to learn. At Humble Bunny, we want people to pursue their dreams. Staff get 3 paid hours each week to devote towards a personal project of their choice. The only catch is that it’s somehow related to their position and responsibilities with Humble Bunny.

Other Great Stuff

  • Health insurance and Social Security (Pension)
  • Visa sponsorship
  • Sales Commission System

Long Term Benefits

As a small company, the ladder to the top is not only completely accessible, but relatively short. For individuals who would like to offer a vested interest and long-term energy into Humble Bunny, we’re prepared to offer leader-level positions, partnerships, and equity share opportunities in exchange for your boosted responsibilities and devotion to the growth of the company.

If you’re interested in a place where there’s no glass ceiling, just an open-to-the-sky sunroof, Humble Bunny could be the perfect place for you.

Build an Amazing Development Portfolio


We’ve worked with some of the world’s most well-known brands. That means there’s real opportunity for you to get involved with names that are going to shine on your portfolio. We also work with a lot of medium-sized companies!

Make an Impact—Boost your Resume

At Humble Bunny, you can bring and execute your own ideas.

All employers say this right? At a large company, it can be difficult to get high enough in the chain to have a real say in the way the business works. At Humble Bunny, we’re small, nimble, and flexible. Unlike a lot of large companies where the chain of command and distance to decision making status can be long, at Humble Bunny the ladder is short. This is due to A: us being a small team and B: a fairly flat hierarchical structure, with a single decision-maker at the top of each team.

If you have a passion or something you want to do, bring it in and we’ll help you facilitate it. It could be an industry you want to work in, a project idea you have, or an amazing idea for building business.

The proof is in the pudding:

One of our developers used an interest in Analytics and a desire to derive more value out of it to implement a new system that calculates page depth and more precise page performance thereafter. He was able to do that on his own free will. The result: he not only acquired a skillset to compliment his existing code awesomeness, but he also greatly influenced the direction and execution of one of our innovative web growth product, Elevate.

Internal Tools we Use

  • Slack (for daily communication)
  • Google Drive (for file/resource sharing)
  • Wunderlist (for daily task & performance management)
  • Trello (for project management and delegation)

Coding Languages & Tools You Need to Know

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • MySQL
  • Git Version Control

Ready to Apply for one of our Job Openings?

Mid-career or just starting, we’re happy to have you. You could be one of two people:

  • An experienced web developer looking for a mid to senior-level position OR
  • A blossoming web developer with a degree behind you (and some light experience to show)

Here are our current opportunities. Please email stating your interest and we’ll talk with you about next steps!

Position 1: Mid-career, Experienced Web Developer


  • 5+ Years of Experience with above listed languages and tools AND Formal Degree Equivalent
  • Currently located in or (available to come to) Tokyo for an interview
  • Fluent in Japanese and/or English (Preferred: Native in one of the two)
  • Education: Dependent on experience (Preferred: Formal training and degree equivalent in IT/Computer Science)

Interested in our Mid-Career Developer Position?

Contact Us about Next Steps!

Position 2: Entry Level Web Developer


  • 3+ Years of Experience with above listed languages and tools OR Formal Degree Equivalent
  • Currently located in or (available to come to) Tokyo for an interview
  • Fluent in Japanese and/or English (Preferred: Native in one of the two)
  • Education: Dependent on experience (Preferred: Formal training and degree equivalent in IT/Computer Science)

Interested in our Entry Level Developer Position?

Contact Us about Next Steps!

Not Confident about your Developer Skills?

Everyone working with us is expected to be the cream of the crop. Not there yet? That’s fine, as long as that’s where you intend to be. We work with people stirring with the energy to be part of amazing projects and bigger-than-me dreams. Let us know where you’re at, what skills you have, and we’ll bring you on board in a way that brings value to the business and nurtures your growth all the while.


HB staff never work overtime?

If we have something tight and there’s a project and/or relationship on the line, we expect the team to step up and kick ass to get it done WITHIN working hours. Those who can’t, will need to take responsibility to finish it up, but their hours get credited back somewhere else in order to balance the 40-hour work week. We’ll also work with the employee and the team as a whole to better manage time and ensure future productivity is on course with the company’s initiatives.

Who shouldn’t apply?

  1. Those who are not fluent in Japanese or English. Communication is critical. In order to facilitate that, language efficiency is important.
  2. Those who don’t have at least one of the following:
    • A degree in IT, Computer Science, etc.
    • A body of established experience behind you building out websites or web products
  3. Those who are not passionate about web marketing and the languages involved: HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, etc. We want you to be with us for a while and love the day-to-day, that’s why a sincere interest in these items is important.

How does HB manage unlimited vacation?

It’s easy. Things come up in our personal lives that we would love to take part in. Work shouldn’t be crippling our ability to do those things, but rather facilitating that. Staff are required to diligently fill out their daily task logs and complete their responsibilities to a professional level. Individuals who respect and follow the system, are privy to the perks. As long as these things are managed, individuals have freedom to do what they would like.