Cooori AI Promotional Video

Project Type

  • Video Production

What We Did

  • Conceptualizing
  • Scripting
  • Storyboarding
  • All Production (voiceover, motion design)
  • Creative Management
  • Everything!

What Cooori Does

Cooori provides a unique method of language learning, which utilizes AI to help users study and remember the language that they are studying. Cooori was targeting English speakers who were wishing to learn Japanese, with their advanced AI-based learning system.

What We’re Really Proud Of

Our video aided Cooori in winning the Japan Night VI Startup Award. With our help, Cooori was able to present their AI system via our promotional video at the Japan Night VI Startup Awards. Through their presentation, and the use of our video, they won 1st place!

What Did Everybody Think About It?

The founder of Cooori had some very nice things to say about the project, take a look below.

“We hired Humble Bunny to help develop promotional videos which were not only done on budget but outperformed both delivery date and our overall expectations. One of those videos, in particular, played a key role in our win of Japan Night 2013, a large entrepreneurial competition held in San Francisco. Because of the success working with Humble Bunny, we asked them thereafter to manage digital marketing for our online language-learning solution. During the first 6 months they contributed to a 40% increase in overall new users to our site (through search engine marketing); established a cleaner, more organized social media presence; and boosted our social media user engagement by over 375%. Humble Bunny was very professional to work with. They always stood on deadlines and over-performed on delivery. [Our project manager] Nate was enthusiastic to learn our business and became a close friend in the process.”

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