Rhyming Gaijin

Project Type

  • Logo Design

What We Did

  • Typography Customization
  • Logo Creation

Who is the Rhyming Gaijin?

The Rhyming Gaijin is a Youtube influencer/rapper in the Tokyo area, who wanted a unique logo to represent his personal brand.

What We’re Really Proud Of

Our Very First Logo

The Rhyming Gaijin logo was the first logo design that Humble Bunny did, marking the beginning of our design work professionally. We are very proud of the design and are happy to see that it is still widely used in many applications.


Initial contact and proposal stage

Rhyming Gaijin contacted us in need of a new logo to represent his personal brand. He was very into typographical logos and wanted to do something visual with lettering. We analyzed some of his favorite logos for influence and developed the plan for the logo together through collaboration and brainstorming.


The design of the logo was heavily typographically based. The shape and sizing of the letters was modified to create a blocked feeling to the logo and to maintain connectivity between the two letters. The design was also made to be simple and ubiquitous so that it could be used for various applications.

What Did Everybody Think About It?

We were very excited to complete our first logo work for Rhyming Gaijin, and we still smile when we see it displayed. So far it has been applied to shirts, hats, stickers, headphones, and more. As for the Rhyming Gaijin, he had this to say:

“…They were able to take our many ideas and turn it into something that we will enjoy looking at for a long time. The designer talked to us in a way where we felt we were part of the design team…”

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