Shine On! Kids—Logo Update

Project Type

  • Typographic Branding

What We Did

  • Logo refresh—update look and feel
  • Typographic update

What Shine On! Kids Does

Originally named “The Tyler Foundation,” Shine On! Kids is a non-profit organization focused on improving conditions for child cancer patients and their families in Japan. The organization renamed itself in order to embrace their mission more directly, and create a feeling of positivity and improvement in their organization. Their logo is designed to reflect these merits.


Initial contact and proposal stage

Shine On! Kids approached Humble Bunny to clean up the typography and appearance of their logo with their new name. After an initial meeting, we began to work together on creating a cleaner design for the Shine On! Kids brand, applying it to their existing logo.


The design stage involved cleaning up the typography of the brand name. We customized the sizing and the shape of the letters to evoke a warm and friendly feeling. Then, the typography had to be matched with the existing logo, so that they work harmoniously together.


After revisions and confirmation, Shine On! Kids’ new logo and brand name were launched on their website and all of their future materials. The Logo is still in use by Shine On! Kids and the reception was quite positive overall.

What Did Everybody Think About It?

We were glad to work on something that supported such a great cause, and were truly inspired by Shine On! Kids’ work to help children and the families of children with cancer in Japan. Shine On! Kids also had very nice things to say about the project when it was completed:

“Humble Bunny is an easy and attentive agency to work with. They built my confidence and trust as an active listener and by being incredibly thorough in each part of the process. I would highly recommend their services and am looking forward to further projects with Humble Bunny.”

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