Vintage Carnival Extravaganza

Project Type

  • Logo Design


Initial Contact

Shine On! Kids, who was already an existing client, approached us to design the logo for a fundraising event that they were hosting.

Design Brief

To begin the project, we sat down with Shine On! Kids to get a clear understanding of what they wanted from this logo, and how we can clearly represent the event. They wanted the logo to feel lively and festive, with elements that tie in the carnival theme and vintage feeling into the logo.


In planning and creating the design, we added traditional carnival elements, such as the Ferris wheel, to make the theme clear. We went with a classic style of typography, which helped to maintain the vintage feeling on the logo. In addition to that, to make it look more painterly, we added more depth to the colors in the logo. The result was a logo that emits a vintage feeling and maintains traditional carnival elements, without looking too dated.

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