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By Phone:

Inside Japan: (090) 2256-3058

Outside Japan: (Your international dial code) +81-90-2256-3058

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In Person:

Yurakucho office

Directions to the yurakucho office

From JR Yurakucho Station

  1. Take the Hibiya Exit
  2. Go across the intersection to the gray brick building on the other side of the street from Bic Camera
  3. Walk past Mizuho bank and go in the next door
  4. Go past the reception desk, the elevators are on the left
  5. Take the elevator to the 11th floor
  6. Walk towards the Portal Point office, it will be down the hallway from the elevators, near the restrooms
  7. Use the login screen to call us and we will come out and say hello

From the Metro and Toei Subway Lines

  1. Get off at Hibiya or Yurakucho Station
  2. If you got off at Hibiya Station, follow signs for the Yurakucho Line
  3. Find exit D2 (Shin Yurakucho Building) near the Yurakucho Line
  4. Go up the stairs and into the B1 entrance across from Doutor Cafe
  5. Walk straight, go past the shoe repair shop, and take a left
  6. Find the elevators on your right, go up to the 11th floor
  7. Walk towards the Portal Point office, it will be down the hallway from the elevators, near the restrooms
  8. Use the login screen to call us and we will come out and say hello

Omotesando Office

directions to the OMOTESANDO OFFICE

Our office is pretty easy to get to. We’re in the same space as Transit and Portal Point (if you’re looking for a signboard)

  1. Take Exit A3 out of Omotesando Station
  2. Turn left around the corner (no need to cross any streets)
  3. Walk about 200 meters to Brooks Brothers: the men’s fashion store
  4. Come in the set of glass doors just past the main store entrance of Brooks Brothers
  5. Ride the elevator on the right up to the third floor
  6. Buzz in at the door and reception we’ll let you in

Call For Creatives!

We’re all about globality and helping our customers find success and we’re looking for others who support the same modern concepts. If you’re a hard worker, have passion in what you do, strive to improve, and can guarantee quality in what you do, you may be an asset to us.

We’re currently looking to connect with the following individuals. If you’re located in the Tokyo and Yokohama area, even better!

  • Web Developers (Front End & Back End)
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • New Friends