Our Tokyo-Based Agency Services

Advertising (PPC & SEM) Services

Pay only for results (not ad spend) and stop losing money

Not many agencies are hitting 7x ROAS in the luxury fashion space in Japan--but that's where we simply do things differently at HB. If you need culture-driven creative, cost-reducing technical prowess, informative analysis, and a proper performance-based partner for the long-term, we've got you!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

3x traffic - that's our average. Join the elite few.

Japanese SEO requires a different approach. Join the select few of companies who've on average 3x their Japanese traffic. Ask us about our Triple Track Data framework to understand how we are always reactive, always curious, and always educated to take the right next step in this competitive market.

Localization & Conversion Optimization

Localize properly and dramatically improve your sales or lead acquisition

According to research, the vast majority of businesses entering Japan have lower conversion rates than they do overseas. Sound familiar? Utilizing our True Culture™️ Framework, we distill the complex Japanese culture into 3 core areas and then map your entire conversion strategy against it.

Marketplace Sales Optimization

Performance-based Marketplace Optimization

Having trouble lifting conversion rates and ROAS on Japanese marketplaces? We boost traffic and conversion on popular platforms like Rakuten and Amazon Japan and we've done it successfully for 100% of the Clients like you that we've taken on.

Why are we your best choice?

At Humble Bunny, we pride ourselves on
A) Being reactive to potential pain points and
B) scripting those into a clean and simple process.

It’s this approach to proactivity (address the issue), standardization (holistically resolve the issue), and discipline (maintain the resolution) that has allowed us to reach the upper-echelons of Japan’s performance marketing agencies–a statement that we are confident to assert based simply on our own KPIs of return rate (over 96.6%) and average # of contracts per Client partner (3.09) It means that

Your Pain Point Humble Bunny’s Solution
Gap Between What was Promised and What was Received
  1. Detailed scope of work to ensure alignment between HB and your business
  2. Active engagement by our Director and a “Project Lead” at set and calendarized intervals
  3. Company-wide KPIs on both the individual and project level
  4. HB’s Proprietary Triple Track 3-2-1™️ KPI and analysis framework to ensure performance is smack in front of everyone’s face at all times.
In the Dark – Lack of Communication
  • Weekly Friday Update including a breakdown of completed, in-progress, to be done, and blocked activities
Lack of Recommendations
  • 3 to 4 “Next Steps” recommendations every month, based on a deep analysis for each platform. This analysis system is a procedural part of all our performance packages and is required of the team.
No Results or Flat Performance Our formula here is simple:

  1. Detailed Processes for technical platform execution
  2. Triple Track KPI Setting forces our team to focus on the right metrics in the right context
  3. 3/2/1 Analysis forces our team to dig and discover what is and isn’t working
  4. …and most importantly, our True Culture™️ localization matrix that allows us to get your marketing offer, message, offer, design, etc. just right
Missing the Big Picture In Japan, the big picture (your brand and its longevity) is everything. We’ve also iterated all of our products to continuously focus on sales or lead acquisition. None of this works unless we’re talking about real business impact.
Low Caliber Creative Skill Our president is a formally trained designer and cross-functions as our creative director. Further, more than 95% of design applicants fail our stringent application stage. Check out our portfolio to see how high caliber we can make things!
“Old” Approach or Ideas Custom Reports, Our Triple Track KPI setup system, and our 3/2/1 Analysis Framework force discovery and then change on the team scope level. Ideas, proactivity, and inspirations are an automatic byproduct of an extremely austere process.

Furthermore, each member has 1 day per month set aside for innovation, efficiency, and creative development. Accountability is that they have to present and “launch” something each quarter. Again, austerity and excellence built in.

Junior or Inexperienced Teams We generally don’t hire new graduates unless they have a killer portfolio (very rare for a recent graduate), pass a take-home strategy test, and also go through a trial period to evaluate conscientiousness and delivery. Our average team age is 29.5 years old–A sweet spot for experience, elevating acumen, stability, and self-awareness. Finally, we have multiple mechanisms for support, training, review, etc. to make sure everyone’s delivering their best and not “all alone” on projects.