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We Do PPC Ads In Japan, And We Do Them Well

Brand Conscious Performance Marketing

We’re go-to specialists for foreign brands in Japan for high-impact PPC advertising fueled by data, creativity, and proprietary frameworks that guarantee success. We go beyond clicks and likes, delivering profitable sales and leads at scale while maximizing your ROI and balancing brand development and performance marketing.

Covering All Top Advertising Platforms In Japan

We have hands-on experience and a proven track record with running PPC ads across the following platforms in Japan:

  • Google search (branded, non-branded, Dynamic Search Ads)
  • Google Performance Max
  • Google Display ads
  • Meta ads (including Dynamic Product Ads, Advantage+, lead generation, and more)
  • YouTube Ads
  • LINE ads
  • X (Formerly Twitter) ads
  • LinkedIn ads

But our proven turn-key processes, data analysis frameworks, and curiosity to A/B test and uncover creative insights allow us to take on virtually any PPC platform (like programmatic, TikTok, Yahoo! Search, or Pinterest ads) and scale profitable ads over time.

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Our Proven PPC Track Record


We have worked with clients across multiple industries, B2B and B2C segments, running ads for lead generation and e-commerce. We have seen and done it all.

Here are some of our highlights:

#1 We exponentially increased e-commerce sales for Etro, an Italian luxury fashion brand, by pay-per-click advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Google search, YouTube, Performance Max, and LINE ads:

Japanese PPC agency services in Tokyo strategy for Italian luxury fashion brand

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#2 We have advertised the 3D printing software and solutions by Materialise Medical via Meta lead ads leading to:

Japanese PPC agency services in Tokyo strategy for B2B lead generation ads on Facebook

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#3 We worked closely with the German luxury leather brand to establish the best PPC advertising channels in Japan for e-commerce and decided to leverage Facebook, Instagram, Google Search, Display, and Shopping Ads leading to the following results:

Japanese PPC advertising agency services in Tokyo strategy for German luxury fashion brand

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Humble Bunny Way Of Running PPC Ads in Japan


Our 5 Point Service Standard keeps everything open and clear, so you may reach your goals quickly and effectively:

Transparent Pricing We fairly calculate our admin costs based on actual man hours expected.
120% Effort We prefer partner-style relationships–where we’re in it together, which allows us to go the extra mile and increase the value of the project, and the end result.
Equal Priority From Coca-Cola, all the way down to one-man, just started yesterday startups, we work with all types of organizations and we promise you our undivided attention.
Diligent Reporting & Communications We have a monthly visual performance report with trademarked 3/2/1 analysis as well as weekly project updates to keep you in the loop and are available for a meeting anytime you need.
Proactive Management We have internal processes such as “3/2/1” and pre-scheduled full-team meetings for each project to make sure ideas are brewing and we’re always proactively ahead of the project.

This allows us to achieve a 93.8% client return rate with a 2.88 average # of contracts per client, proving our long-lasting relationships driven by lasting performance results.

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Email centric:
Helps us quickly re-up on important information, share information, and simplify the communication process.
CC everyone:
Helps our internal teams support each other and avoids siloed information.
Internal digital note taking:
Ensures that all conversations internally or with the Client (in meetings) are documented and being shared–also avoids silos.
Mandatory performance meetings:
Ensures that we and the Client are maintaining the partnership, aligning on ideas, and collaborating towards performance.

Commitment to Split Testing and Optimizations

Japanese PPC advertising agency services in Tokyo
Our innate curiosity for testing both messaging and targeting on an ongoing basis allows us to keep extracting valuable learnings and leverage them to continuously optimize our PPC campaigns.

For example, within our conversion-focused ads, we tested the messages revolving around product features (giving customers detailed information about the product and it’s unique value points) versus lifestyle messages, speaking to the aspirational and inspirational emotions of the audience.

Another excellent testimony to our commitment to testing is Elevate: our proprietary learning and optimization engine, based on using a hybrid manual and machine-learning system. It boosts the performance of PPC campaigns by allowing our clients to learn what makes their customers make purchase decisions and optimize landing pages for conversions. You can find more details about how Elevate works in our Japanese PPC case study.

All of our testing efforts allow us to keep refining our ads over time: narrowing the targeted audiences, excluding ineffective demographics or interest groups, and tweaking the structure of ad creatives to match the interests of users in the best possible way.

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Excellence In Data+Analysis


Japanese PPC agency services in Tokyo data-driven analytics
What allows us to deliver exceptional results in the extremely competitive PPC market, is the commitment to collecting, analyzing, and learning from extensive amounts of data. At Humble Bunny, we have developed a system of monthly PPC reports (dedicated to each PPC channel, and customized in order to best reflect the performance on the particular platform: for example keyword and search terms insights for Google Ads, the performance of the creative elements of social ads) accompanied by data analysis that includes:

  • Performance highlights
  • Anomalies
  • Insights and learnings (things that are not visible in the reports)

We present and discuss the reports and analysis during our monthly meetings with the clients, constantly providing full transparency, valuable data insights, and optimization plans for the future.


Humble Bunny 3/2/1 trademarked marketing analysis framework


Humble Bunny triple track marketing analysis system


Facebook ad copy focusing on craftsmanship had 24% lower CPC and 33% higher CTR than ones focusing on corporate history Discovery card
Concise headlines aligning with search intent Google ad copy CTR increased by 51% Discovery card
Lookalike audiences during a sale season yielded a 536% increase in ROAS Discovery card
Retargeting audiences on Facebook from broad audience targeting ads led to a 598% increase in CTR Discovery card

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What is your PPC ads pricing model?

Depending on your total budget, advertising spend, and scope of service we will provide you with customized pricing. For most advertising projects our default is a fixed base fee and a small % of the advertising spend that we manage, but we will be happy to offer performance-based pricing (charging a % of all sales we generate).

Does Japanese Social PPC Work?

While it always depends on your specific product and goals, marketing on social media is still an important component for foreign brands entering the Japanese market and does work for companies who commit to the process. For instance, ecommerce success can involve a good level of initial brand building to support later stages of the customer journey such as retargeting and Google Shopping and Search Ads.

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