Project Manager Job Position in Tokyo, Japan

Lead a Team, While You Follow Tokyo’s Growth

We’re currently on the lookout for a highly organized, passionate, and people-driven performance marketing project manager—someone happy to get stuck in and be an integral part of the team, as we continue pushing our relentless growth curve.

Who Are We?

Located in Shibuya, 2 minutes from Shibuya Station near Shibuya Stream

To introduce ourselves, we’re Humble Bunny. We help inbound global brands adapt to the market for better traffic, conversion, and retention. We have a myriad of services, but focus primarily on Ecommerce, SEO, and Paid Advertising.

Based in the heart of Tokyo, not only do we have a playful name, but also a playful spirit. Don’t let the pastel pink colors deceive you though, we’re here to work hard, create some amazing things for our Clients, and really push the boundaries of the marketing industry in Japan.

Through the use of quantified data, a perfect synergy between creativity and performance, and a combination of proprietary and licensed processes we can confidently show our Clients that we have the ability to make them succeed here in Japan. Our ambitious goals are to become Tokyo’s most desired relationship for both Clients (via insane marketing results and customer service) as well as employer (via our commitment to safety, care, and growth to our team). We’re not there yet, but if you want to join us on this journey and be part of that, we would be ecstatic to talk with you!

Our work style is straight-forward: work with a fervor and passion to support our Clients and teammates, while spending ample time loving life in whatever way we choose. It’s a concept trickled down from our president:

We asked one of our marketing assistants how they would describe working at Humble Bunny… His response: “It’s more like learning. Each day you are faced with a new obstacle, which when proactively completed, you feel an overwhelming sense of achievement.”

The Humble Bunny Mission

At Humble Bunny, you can bring and execute your own ideas.

All employers say this right? (Warning: cheeky comment) We’re one of the only companies in Tokyo where it’s true!

At a large company, it can be difficult to get high enough in the chain to have a real say in the way the business works. At Humble Bunny, we’re small, nimble, and flexible. Unlike a lot of large companies where the chain of command and distance to decision making status can be long, at Humble Bunny the ladder is short. This is due to A: us being a small team and B: a fairly flat hierarchical structure, with a single decision-maker at the top of each team. Encouraging a greater deal of autonomy and a free-flow of creativity.

Putting it bluntly, our decision making is based on the best idea, not always the simplest or most comfortable one…and certainly not the one where someone just “wants to do it that way”.

We really push the ‘learning-by-doing’ approach. If you feel that a method could be improved, or a new technique should be adopted, we welcome with open arms any innovative ways of boosting our efficiency.

On the projects side, if you have a passion or something you want to do, bring it in and we’ll help you facilitate it. It could be an industry you want to work in, a project idea you have, or an amazing idea for building business. Just take a look of the kind of names we’ve worked with in the past…

Who Have We Worked With?


We’ve worked with some of the world’s most well-known brands. Some of them we can’t even post up above. That means there’s real opportunity for you to get involved with names that are going to shine on your portfolio. However, we also work with small and medium sized companies. This is where the data and performance (not the brand size) can really shine. It’s a beautifully perfect blend of “name” and “performance” if you want both worlds!

What Are We Are Looking For?

As a Digital Marketing Project Manager at Humble Bunny, you will be expected to oversee the whole process from start to finish. Creating timelines, assigning roles, and also aiding the execution side of things.

For us, a project manager and an account executive/client relations person is one and the same (no chinese telephone here). You will be required to face Clients directly, understand their needs, and communicate these across to your team as clearly as possible.

We possess high-standards and want the quality of our output to be beyond expectation. This requires great time-management to meet deadlines, as well as ‘outside-the-box’ thinking to provide the wow factor our Clients deserve.

You should be able to demonstrate the following skills/traits:

  • Highly Organized
  • Analytical
  • Commercial Awareness (Especially of Japan)
  • Clear Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Proactive Attitude
  • Management and Leadership

Be prepared to talk to these points in an interview! *汗

What Is Required?

  • Fluent or Native in English
  • 2+ Years of Experience in a Project Management Role
  • Educated to Degree-level (A mixed background is welcome, we love gaining new insights from different degree backgrounds)
  • Currently Located in or (available to come to) Tokyo for an Interview

Desirable but not required

  • Knowledge and Understanding of Digital Marketing
  • Experience with Web Design, PPC, SEO Campaigns and/or other Digital Strategy
  • Japanese Language ability

And Finally… What Can We Offer You for Working at Humble Bunny?

Humble Bunny offers one of Tokyo’s most competitive benefits packages. Take a look:

Unlimited Paid Time Off

At Humble Bunny, we hire responsible and trustworthy staff. That means we’re able to offer them the freedom to take time off when life beckons. Wanna grab a three-day weekend to hang with your friends? Not a problem here at Humble Bunny.

35-Hour Work Weeks

All staff are empowered to be in control and command of their tasks and work schedules. No one is going to babysit you–as a small team, we honestly don’t have time for that. If you’re getting your prescribed work done and adding extra value to the company within a 7-hour day, you deserve to go home early. As a marketing company, there are times when everyone’s gotta step up to the plate and help with a big project so no, you won’t always work an exact 35 hours, but by taking on projects we can sustain and manage properly, and by focusing on a very specific workload calculation system (which targets about 20 to 25 hours billable per week), you’ll certainly see a level of freedom that averages you less than what you’re working now.

Super Transparent Profit Bonus System

Our bonus system is innovative and highly incentivizing. You’ve never seen transparency like this. 3 quarters of the year, we do a company meeting sharing the exact monetary profit margin, and how much each bonus “point” is worth. Privately, we share with you how many points you qualify for and then pay you out that portion of our growth. The point system is heavily weighted towards contribution so if you work harder and do more, you get a higher bonus. Simple as that. It’s part of what we call our “Executive Package” which is a system of benefits that work to emulate the freedoms and benefits an executive of the company could afford.

Flex Time Working Hours

As mentioned above, we have fixed working hours each day, but things come up: health checkups, Our staff enjoy flexibility on when to come in and when to go home. With our core hour from 11am to 4pm, you can leave early or come in later depending on what your life demands. Combined with our 35-hour work week, you’re looking at quite a bit of flexibility.

Paid Referrals For Clients

HB offers a generous referral pay out for successful Client introductions. No seriously, like two weeks in Europe level pay outs. You help us grow, we say a proper thank you.

Paid Referrals For Staff

Finding people who can help us power on: that’s the core of our growth. If you think someone’s a good fit for the company and we end up bringing them on, we’ll give you some cash to play with for that contribution as well.

Other Great Stuff

  • Health insurance and Social Security (Pension)
  • Social and Unemployment Insurance
  • Visa sponsorship
  • Professional Office Space in Central Tokyo

Long Term Benefits

As a small company, the ladder to the top is not only completely accessible, but relatively short. For individuals who would like to offer a vested interest and long-term energy into Humble Bunny, we’re prepared to offer leader-level positions, partnerships, and equity share opportunities in exchange for your boosted responsibilities and devotion to the growth of the company.

If you’re interested in a place where there’s no glass ceiling, just an open-to-the-sky sunroof, Humble Bunny could be the perfect place for you.

Apply now

Please inquire via the form below with any online information you have. We’ll then followup to qualified candidates regarding a resume, extended portfolio, etc.


What Internal Tools Do We Use?

  • Slack (for daily communication)
  • Google Drive (for file/resource sharing)
  • Asana (for daily task & performance management)
  • More Asana (for project management, delegation and creating timelines)

HB Staff Never Work Overtime?

If we have something tight and there’s a project and/or relationship on the line, we expect the team to step up and kick ass to get it done WITHIN working hours. Those who can’t, will need to take responsibility to finish it up, but their hours are considered “credited” via the 35-hour work week (ie. we should effectively be working “less” some weeks and thus balancing out the total hours). We’ll also work with the employee and the team as a whole to better manage time and ensure future productivity is on course with the company’s initiatives. We don’t ask staff to work an exorbitant amount of hours (as mentioned above, only looking to bill 20 to 25 hours a week), but efficiency and precision is important to managing the workload.

Who Shouldn’t Apply?

  1. Those who are uncomfortable in an English-language environment. We’re a mix of cultures both Japanese and other. If you have strong communication skills, you’ll be fine, but this is best suited for someone comfortable with the day-to-day in English. All applicants are welcome, including you if you’re Japanese.
  2. Those who do not have any professional experience in overseeing a project from start to finish.
  3. Those who have no interest in digital marketing or web design. We’re a company that takes great pride in our core offerings, we want you to share the same passion as us :)

How does HB Manage Unlimited Vacation?

It’s easy. Things come up in our personal lives that we would love to take part in. Work shouldn’t be crippling our ability to do those things, but rather facilitating that. Staff are required to diligently fill out their daily task logs and complete their responsibilities to a professional level. Individuals who respect and follow the system, are privy to the perks. As long as these things are managed, individuals have freedom to do what they would like.

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