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Real Japanese A/B and Split Test Results to inspire your local market strategies!

A few years back, we developed a powerful data analysis framework called the 3/2/1. This framework outputs a list of data-informed strategies for our Clients, which we can then “write” to the brand as part of a codex of known and proven strategies. After years of executing the 3/2/1, we’ve curated a set of our most interesting and potentially replicable learnings, formatted them into quick snippets, and present them here to inspire your marketing strategies in Japan.

Welcome to our “Discoveries” Series.

Another push by us, to promote and extend our Mission of impacting and Elevating the broader community of marketers in Japan.

We hope you will reflect on the potential of these and try some of them out on your own adventure into localizing and optimizing your Japanese presence and success!

Including a CTA in the first half of our articled increased downloads by 111% Discovery card
Continuously optimizing topic clusters increased organic traffic of an older, related article by 2225% Discovery card
Re-working article titles to match search intent increased CTR by 58% for a top-ranked keyword Discovery card
Incorporating client report data into our article increased targeted keyword rank from 20 to 5 Discovery card
Publishing targeted SEO blog posts led to the average page rank increasing by 99 positions to the number 1 spot Discovery card

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