SEO Manager Job Position Available – Tokyo, Japan

picture of the Humble Bunny culture, working and playing off-site in Okinawa

Our first ever Remote Work Week in Okinawa

A Marketing Agency job that’s not quite what you expect it to be

As our name “Humble” suggests, we are looking for people dripping with passion, who are humble in their approach to their work, themselves, and their peers. If you’re able to think unconventionally, get fired up at the opportunity to build and reimagine something new, and also feel a “day well spent” after helping others find their true potential and living transparently–we’d love to have you in our “fluffle” (*means a group of wild bunnies 😎)!

Work with Purpose

With a mission of catalyzing the “Success” of others, we invite you to join us in further evolving Humble Bunny and growing our small business towards Japan’s #1 marketing agency from both a brand and impact standpoint, but also as a culture and team-driven employer.

We’re looking for people who want to have an impact on Clients of course, but also on their peers as well as helping Humble Bunny grow as a powerhouse brand.

Humble Bunny has instilled the concept of work-life integration, by defining a culture code that allows members from different backgrounds and cultures to maximize their individuality and enrich not only their work but also their lives, leading to the success of their clients.
This concept is based on the life experiences and entrepreneurial spirit of Nate, the CEO of Humble Bunny.

SEO Manager Job Details

Your Primary Roles & Activities You will be in charge of many aspects of our SEO product.

  • Proposing and innovating the SEO product with new technology and algorithmic shifts
  • Managing HB’s SEO presence to ensure impressions and growth
  • Supporting Client SEO projects to ensure they are achieving KPIs
  • Analyzing and implementing improvements to the HB SEO process to improve team efficiency
  • Training and management of team members to ensure Client SEO success
  • Flexibility and openness to potential other tasks as company needs arise
Employment status Full-time employee

*with initial trial period
Education Requirements
  • Education (minimum): High School degree or equivalent
  • Education (preferred): College or Vocational
Work Experience Requirements
  • 5+ years of full-time professional experience, and
  • 3+ years of full-time experience in SEO operations, production, and execution (*We are primarily looking for hands-in-the-dirt execution, as opposed to those who have managed or coordinated a team)
Language Requirements
  • Fluent English skills (TOEIC 700+ or Equivalent)
  • Fluent Japanese skills (N2 or equivalent)

*Candidate may be any ethnicity, but preference will be placed on an individual who’s fully native in English or Japanese, with the above fluent capability in the other.
*Fluency will be determined by active language skills: speaking and writing

Individual Soft/Human Skill Requirements


As a Manager, we’re expecting you to have the ability to motivate, support, and elicit positivity in your teams, even when the goings are tough. Without this skill, we won’t be able to put people under you as they’ll be demotivated towards non-success. Further, we want to make sure you have a path in front of you towards a future “Lead” position and will look for these natural abilities in the candidate.

  • Motivating teams via acceptance, safety, and fundamental “belief” in them
  • Excellent listening (understanding) skills as well as well-practiced active listening techniques
  • Some acceptance and mastery of leadership fundamentals (Such as vulnerability, self-awareness, curiosity to understand people, creating safety, etc.) for inspiring teams
  • Austerity and humility to own mistakes and improve forward


Here’s the Wikipedia definition of this one:
Conscientious people tend to be efficient and organized as opposed to easy-going and disorderly. They tend to show self-discipline, act dutifully, and aim for achievement; they display planned rather than spontaneous behavior; and they are generally dependable.

If that’s you, show us how!

Major Bonus Points if you have any of the following skills or experience, please be prepared to present and talk to them

  • Project Management (Task management, scheduling, team coordination, etc.)
  • Client relations (Expectation management, meetings, communications/updates, etc.
  • Broader marketing experience (especially in the areas of paid advertising, e-commerce optimization, or branding)
Your Growth Path HB is actively looking for Lead, Director, and Partner-level individuals for our future. If you believe you have an intrapreneurial spirit, are inspired by the values on our culture page, and view marketing as your industry of calling, let us know. We will introduce you to the program.🚀
Work schedule Remote work + 1 office visit per week

*Subject to change
*Depending on overflow, or other initiatives certain weeks may require more days
Working Time/Conditions 40 hours a week, or as needed to fulfill and complete deliveries
*Ask us about our transparent work-scoping framework
Working Start/End Time Flex System
Core Time: 11:00am – 4:00pm
Other hours during the day may be applied as individual desires (i.e. no need to block the full thing together on the front or the back of the core)
Paid Time Off Saturdays, Sundays, National holidays
*Unlimited Paid Vacation from Day 1 (see our culture-code page for more details)
*Other Company-deemed Holidays may apply
Salary 〜7,000,000 yen (including bonuses, allowances, etc.)

  • Negotiable
  • HB’s Insane 40% Profit Bonus System
Welfare program Co-Pay on Social insurance (health insurance, employee pension, unemployment insurance, workers’ accident compensation insurance)
Other Amazing Perks Our perk list at HB is extensive–including a few things you’ve probably never heard of or seen before! See a comprehensive overview on our Culture Code page!
Recommendations for Applying We’re looking to understand a few things about you. Here are some tips to get a callback:

  1. Make sure to attach a resume
  2. Make sure to attach details about projects (i.e. a Portfolio) and your distinct roles (and non-roles) in those projects
  3. Please include data and performance to showcase your ability
  4. Problem resolution is important in this position. Please prepare a real story in which you 1. Recognized an issue > 2. Decided to Act > 3. Planned a meaningful solution > and then 4. Executed to fix it.
The Interview Process Here is what our interview process looks like. Each step occurring after a successful previous step!

  1. Application review: We will review your resume and portfolio of experience. Note that those who do not pass the screening, due to overwhelming demand for our positions, may not receive a response. We understand this is not ideal, but thank you for your understanding. Feel free to follow-up!
  2. Formal Interview OR request for information: If we see potential in your application, we’ll request a formal first interview (usually 90 minutes). If we’re not formally ready to start, but our curiosity is piqued, we may ask you to submit more information or request a 30-minute touch base pre-interview. From there, successful candidates will be invited to that formal first interview.
  3. Take-Home Test: After the first formal interview, we will likely give you a hairy SEO challenge, and ask you to develop a strategic and creative strategy for it. The test content may vary depending on your application.
  4. Test Review + Second Interview: Next, we will ask you to guide us through the test, and complete a second series of questions and interview. This is also usually a 90-minute chat.
  5. Result: In ideal situations, this is where we will confirm a number of technicalities and potentially be ready to make an offer. However, the Third chat can also be a chance for us to clear out a few more questions prior to the result.

*Note that we try our best to really see things through with you. If things are taking a little longer and we need 4 or even 5 touch points, it’s because we see something in you and are trying to find a match. We are not going to rush as we’re looking to be invested in you for thousands of future hours (and want to make sure that both parties are gonna love that journey via a good cultural and skill match). If you are worried about time and have some tightness, please communicate that with us.

Please fill out the form below to apply for our SEO Manager position!

Watch our Team Interview Video, Review the Job Perks, Learn about our Culture Framework.

A Mix of Major Global Brands, and some Underdog Grassroots Ones as Well!


Humble Bunny has worked with many global brands, some of which are not publicly available on the website. Working at Humble Bunny means that you can collaborate with these companies as part of your career. We also work a lot with smaller and mid-size clients. Getting us closer to decision-making roles and often allowing more command.

Take the initiative and be part of a growing brand.

At Humble Bunny, we’re averaging over 25% growth rate year-over-year. And we do that with a small team. If you want to be part of something bigger and have more a claim to the result, we’re an amazing place for you to thrive.

We are small, nimble, and always changing. If you have a good idea, this is the environment where you can implement it and get the support of the CEO and other staff members to help you make that idea a reality. Feel free to bring in proposals for industries you are interested in, plan projects, or start your own company. It is the most interesting way to work.

For example, one front-end web developer was so interested in analytics that he implemented a new system to calculate page depth and subsequently more accurate page performance. As a result of his proactive approach to his ideas, he not only learned new skills, but also contributed significantly to the direction and business execution of an innovative analysis project we were developing. That could be you if you have the fire in you.

Join our “fluffle” (*see definition above)–let’s build something unconventionally amazing together!