DailyFX Omnichannel Digital Marketing & PPC Strategy

Client Details

Industry Forex, stock & commodity trading.
Product FX news, analysis and strategy, trading education, and tools.
Target market Forex, stock, and commodity traders.
Objective Increasing brand awareness and traffic to the website in the Japanese market as well as creating the demand for the IG trading platform.

What We Achieved

Project Details

We conducted extensive market research specifically for DailyFX’s entry into the Japanese market. Building upon these insights, we undertook a comprehensive brand and website localization effort. This included a complete website redesign to align with Japanese preferences, along with the development of a distinctive user personalization and customization feature unparalleled in the local market.

Subsequently, we devised a tailored marketing strategy, incorporating paid advertising on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LINE as well as organic social media campaigns on those platforms.

Our approach encompassed every facet of the project, from understanding the client’s unique requirements and conducting localized research to translation, localization, website launch, ongoing development support, and promotion through both paid and organic channels. In essence, we crafted a strategy entirely customized to meet DailyFX’s specific needs and goals in the Japanese market.

Tapping Into Customer Interest Throughout Every Stage Of The Customer’s Journey

-7.72% average month-over-month reduction in user acquisition costs

To optimize the user acquisition cost, we craft our advertising strategy to connect with our desired audience at every stage of the customer journey, including awareness, consideration, and conversion. This approach enabled us to transform cold audiences into interested prospects (warm audiences), gradually nurturing them into highly engaged customers.

Humble Bunny case study DailyFX Japan B2C PPC marketing funnel

*PPC advertising funnel for DailyFX.

At the top of the funnel, our content aims to raise brand awareness with cold audiences who may not be familiar with DailyFX but have an interest in forex trading. Having worked in the Japanese market for over a decade, we understand that Japanese individuals are enthusiastic information seekers with a keen interest in technical data. With this in mind, we created educational content focused on popular currency trading pairs and provided tips for those new to forex trading.

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Humble Bunny case study DailyFX Japan B2C PPC ad creative 1

*DailyFX PPC ad creative: The unknown pitfalls of USD/JPY trading.

Humble Bunny case study DailyFX Japan B2C PPC ad creative 2

*DailyFX PPC ad creative: True story of a professional FX analyst - 10 lessons from 2022 FX trading failures.

For audiences who are already in the middle and bottom of the funnel, our content becomes more action-oriented and instills a sense of urgency. For example, we encouraged our audience to explore the News Hub section on the website to access the latest FX trading news. However, understanding Japanese customers’ preferences, we always prioritize soft sell tactics over hard sell tactics, avoiding being too pushy or intrusive. Instead, we aim to provide a valuable experience at every stage of their journey by offering free trading guides and quarterly forecasts on FX trading.


Humble Bunny case study DailyFX Japan B2C PPC ad creative 3

*DailyFX PPC ad creative: Quickly discover the latest FX trading news.

To keep track of the ad structure on Meta Ads Manager as well as in our monthly performance analysis, we make sure to follow our unique naming conventions diligently.

Humble Bunny naming conventions

At Humble Bunny, we have developed our own, unique naming conventions for all PPC strategy levels: campaigns, ad sets/groups, ads, and UTMs. It allows us and our clients to clearly see all the key differences between tested variables, for example:

  • Manual vs lookalike targeting
  • Website visitors vs newsletter subscribers retargeting
  • Lifestyle vs product-focused messaging
  • Demographic differences

This, along with custom UTMs that provide easily understandable insights in Google Analytics helps our clients get perfect clarity on what is being tested and what are the results on an ongoing basis.

For those looking to advertise in Japan and engage the local consumer market, we offer an overview of the sectors as well as key insights and trends into Japanese advertising in this comprehensive article: Advertise in Japan – Industry Overview, Trends & Key Insights.

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Grabbing Customer Attention and Halting the Scroll with Dynamic Ad Copy & Creatives

+15% average month-over-month CTR growth

*Please note that numbers have been adapted to protect Client data. Ratios and relative change are accurate nonetheless.

Click-through rate (CTR) is a crucial metric of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. It serves as a powerful signal of how effective your ad campaigns are at capturing the attention of your target audience and compelling them to take action. We constantly test out different models of copywriting, from the classic AIDA (Attention-Interest-Desire-Action) model to more contemporary techniques such as PAS (Problem-Agitate-Solution), or BAB (Before-After-Bridge) in order to maximize CTR.

Our experience has taught us that sometimes even a slight alteration in the headline can yield significantly improved ad performance. Consider this example where we employed the same creative for two ads, with the only distinction being in the first sentence of the primary text. While the A version employs a positive hook (“A successful trader is the one who is always prepared”), the B version takes a slightly negative tone (“Unless you want to become a successful trader, this newsletter is not for you”). Interestingly, the CTR for version B was 1.5 times higher than that of version A, underscoring the impact of precise headline choice.

Humble Bunny case study DailyFX Japan B2C PPC AB test

*Creative A/B testing with 2 primary texts.

Similarly, different creative formats could yield different results for ads that have the same content. At Humble Bunny, we have a diverse portfolio with a myriad of ad creative formats including image, animated image, video, carousel that are customized to the taste of Japanese consumers. If you are interested in seeing our exclusive creative portfolio, please get in touch by filling out this short form.

With Twitter Ads, since the character limit is 280 characters, we often keep our ad copy straightforward and succinct, with concise bullet points that swiftly communicate the website feature’s advantages.

Humble Bunny case study DailyFX Japan B2C PPC ad creative 5

*Straightforward and succinct Twitter ad with benefit-driven bullet points.

Establishing a Strong Brand Positioning As a Localized International Financial Media

+30.48% month-over-month increase in link clicks

In addition to promoting our website and services, we’ve placed a significant focus on establishing DailyFX Japan as a reputable international financial media outlet.

Our market research has revealed that Japanese traders not only accept but also rely on localized international financial media sources. This international dimension provided DailyFX with a competitive edge compared to local financial news services. However, we recognize the importance of content localization to cater to local preferences. To achieve this, we developed customized brand guidelines for DailyFX, ensuring a consistent and premium brand image across our website, organic content, and paid channels.

Humble Bunny case study DailyFX Japan B2C PPC branding design balance

*Branding & design balance proposed by Humble Bunny for DailyFX after deep market research.

Considering that Japanese consumers tend to be more risk-averse than their Western counterparts, we’ve emphasized the “expertise” aspect of DailyFX. This is exemplified through a series of quarterly forecasts and educational ads delivered by FX trading experts, accompanied by downloadable comprehensive trading guides. These guides not only showcase our client’s expertise but also serve as valuable lead magnets.


Humble Bunny case study DailyFX Japan B2C PPC ad creative 6

*Example of quarterly forecasts and educational ads accompanied by downloadable comprehensive trading guides.

Harnessing The Power of AI in Ads Optimization

Before, advertisers often laser-targeted their audience under the impression that the closer the audience resembled their persona, the higher their chances of conversion. While this strategy still holds true to a certain extent, in recent years, AI has been proving more effective in finding the right audience and making ad spend count.
For DailyFX Japan, we enabled the Meta Advantage campaign budget (formerly campaign budget optimization) in several ad campaigns. This allowed Meta to manage our campaign budget across ad sets to get us the overall best results. Instead of micromanaging each ad set’s budget, we let the algorithm allocate our total budget in real time to the most promising ad sets. The final results have been nothing short of impressive.

Similarly, with campaigns that have the goal of optimizing for conversions, we also enabled Advantage+ Placement, which allowed Meta to display our ads in all available placements but spend more on the ones driving conversions. Once again, we achieved incredible results for DailyFX Japan.

If you’ve got your sights set on the Japanese market and want to make your brand shine, shoot us an email and we’ll help you set up a call with one of our PPC Advertising experts. For more information on advertising and branding in Japan, check out our Guide to Adapting Western Brands for Japanese Audiences in 2023.

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