DailyFX Organic SNS & Localization

Client Details

Industry Forex, stock & commodity trading.
Product FX news, analysis and strategy, trading education, and tools.
Target market Forex, stock, and commodity traders.
Objective Increasing brand awareness and traffic to the website in the Japanese market as well as creating the demand for the IG trading platform via organic SNS channels.

What We Achieved

Project Details

We ran deep market research for DailyFX in Japan, based on which we completely localized the brand and website (changing the entire look and feel of the brand FOR Japan and also creating a unique user personalization and customization experience that no other website in this market can offer.

This was followed by a marketing strategy that included organic social media on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LINE as well as paid advertising on Facebook and Twitter.

Not just Localizing, but Elevating the Brand Through Premium Post Designs

Humble Bunny case study DailyFX Japan Instagram ads organic social feed

*Instagram feed of DailyFX Japan.

Stemming from the deep local research, we were able to develop custom brand guidelines for DailyFX, which resulted in a consistent and premium brand image across the website, organic, and paid channels.

Humble Bunny case study DailyFX Japan B2C PPC branding design balance

*Branding & design balance proposed by Humble Bunny for DailyFX after deep market research.

In particular, we proposed a more casual and colorful design approach. Our research into competitors and the Japanese market indicated that this style would be more appealing and easily consumable for Japanese audiences.

However, to ensure brand consistency and maintain a global positioning, we emphasized the importance of retaining a clean design aesthetic with a spacious layout and concise content. This approach would allow for easy navigation and quick absorption of information while upholding the brand’s overall image.

Humble Bunny case study DailyFX Japan Instagram organic social global vs japan

*On the right is the design approach we followed for the Japanese market.

The image on the left was used on DailyFX’s global account, and the image on the right was designed by Humble Bunny for DailyFX Japan. Although both images showcase the Market News feature on the website, the Japanese version seems more elaborate, while maintaining a professional image of a global news website for FX trading.

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Multi-Platform Engagement: Reaching Users Across Multiple Social Media Channels

Each social media platform presents its challenges and opportunities. We believe that using them in unison to amplify the overall message and brand presence is the best way to grow traffic and engagement. Below is a breakdown of monthly active users on each SNS platform in Japan:

Monthly Active Users by Platform

*Tap or Hover on the graph below to see details.

As for DailyFX, we chose these 3 platforms including Facebook/Instagram, Twitter, and Line based on their immense popularity and distinctive features that offer unique value propositions.

Each Platform’s Unique Value Proposition

SNS Facebook/Instagram Twitter LINE
Value Proposition Comprehensively deliver easily digestible content, offering FX concepts and trading guides all in one place. Provide up-to-the-minute FX news and trending FX topics that can be effortlessly consumed while scrolling. Receive notifications on new posts or website articles by adding the brand account as a LINE friend.
Positioning An easy guide to FX trading from experts for beginners and intermediate traders. A news hub for FX traders from beginner to advanced level. A mailbox for readers interested in FX.
Visual Format Image
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A/B Testing of Messages, Post Formats, and Owned Media to Amplify Engagement

One of our strongest angles was the relentless testing of different messaging angles which included all of the following:

  • Organic post formats (images, animated videos, carousels, and more)
  • Technical and detailed posts vs light ‘fun’/engaging posts
  • Different call-to-actions
  • Creatives and copy with different feel and psychological angles
  • Social proof integrated into the copy
  • Expert elements
  • Actionable insights for traders to save and come back to
  • The value proposition of the DailyFX website
Humble Bunny case study DailyFX Japan Instagram organic social carousel

*DailyFX carousel post format that we used.

Through testing, we have learned that:

  • It’s possible to improve organic reach independently of follower numbers by optimizing hashtags and choosing high, mid, and low-volume hashtag keywords. This allowed us to place the posts on both high-traffic result pages, where the content might get attention in the first few minutes from launch and capture new audiences, but also on lower-traffic pages, where the content is more likely to remain visible for longer.
  • “Learning” and “research tools” related content generated the highest engagement – and we leaned into leveraging that for the client’s success.
  • Posts that users want to save or view over and over again are those that contain the appropriate information they need for themselves and that are quickly actionable. Therefore, we will keep testing and analyzing that the necessary information is appropriately condensed and easy to understand as a design.
  • Instagram users might be looking for easier-to-digest knowledge and tips as opposed to heavier technical analysis (after testing both via various formats and creatives).
  • Splitting longer-form content into smaller, bite-sized chunks (as carousels) is a more engaging format for Instagram users.

We believe that both total and average values increased because those engaging and informationally deep contents might fit the Instagram users’ needs as they can read and learn via swiping the posts and not just reading long sentences on captions. It was the best format to encourage engagement and share more information in the posts.

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