International Skincare & Healthcare Brand – Market Entry in Japan via E-Commerce

Client Details

Industry Skin care & health care.
Product Eye wipes.
Target market 25-65+ female audience.
Objective Increase sales and position our new eye wipe product as a superior alternative to competitor’s eye drops in the Japanese market, emphasizing its unique features and benefits.

What We Achieved

Project Details

Israeli skin and healthcare brand, Dr. Fischer, reached out to us for help with launching their new eye wipes in the Japanese market. They were looking for an omnichannel digital advertising strategy and optimization for the local market and together, we were able to successfully launch the product in the Japanese market and increased sales by an average of over 50% per quarter.

Considering the client’s goals of generating brand awareness and entering the market in a new country, while also realizing a swift mid-term surge in sales, we formulated the following strategy:

  • Establish awareness among diverse audiences through organic social and Meta ads, leveraging platforms such as Instagram Reels, Stories, and the Facebook audience network.
  • Effectively target a refined and qualified audience through Google search, thereby boosting traffic of sales-qualified leads to the website.
  • Use the full potential of Amazon features and the data gathered through other activities to penetrate the Japanese market and efficiently target the identified core audiences.

We Launched an Eye Wipe Product in the Japanese Market on Amazon for 6 Consecutive Quarters of Sales Growth

Humble Bunny case study Dr.Fischer Japan E-Commerce Amazon Quarterly Sales Session Increase

*Dr. Fischer's quarterly sales and sessions.

Our extensive experience in e-commerce has empowered us to craft a winning strategy that unfolds in two critical phases.

After elevating brand visibility to establish a strong presence in this eye wipe market in Japan, we strategically harnessed the power of Amazon’s cutting-edge tools, including Amazon Vine, Amazon Ads, Deals, Amazon Subscribe and Save, and Amazon Coupon, helping us to achieve a 50.2% average increase in sales per quarter.

Increasing Conversion From Product Pages With a Premium A+ Content Design

We also developed custom A+ Content for all the product pages, which helped to increase brand awareness and increase our average conversion rate by 26.8% in 17 months. This was achieved by employing a charming, soft style, with pastel colors and an inviting design to match the existing product design while adding a premium look and feel to the product, along with the strong presentation of the unique value proposition and sales points.

Humble Bunny case study Dr.Fischer Japan E-Commerce Amazon A+Content 2

*Dr. Fischer's Amazon A+ content module 1: Product's unique value propositions.

Humble Bunny case study Dr.Fischer Japan E-Commerce Amazon A+Content 4

*Dr. Fischer's Amazon A+ content module 2: Product's use cases - Makeup removal & family use.

Humble Bunny case study Dr.Fischer Japan E-Commerce Amazon A+Content 5

*Dr. Fischer's Amazon A+ content module 3: Product's ingredients

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Establishing Credibility and Visibility Through the Amazon Vine Program

We gained a total of 134 reviews by enrolling six signature products in the Amazon Vine Program. With an average review rating of 3.9 out of 5, our products received favorable feedback from Vine Voices, strengthening our position on the Amazon platform. Those reviews helped us to better understand our customers and collect quality reviews with product images, which are necessary steps for enhancing sales and brand awareness. This increased the perceived value and credibility of our offerings, as well as enhancing product visibility – which is particularly important for products in niche markets.

Humble Bunny case study Dr.Fischer Japan E-Commerce Amazon Vine Reviews

*Dr. Fischer's Amazon Vine review enrollment.

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Utilizing Amazon Deals during Major Seasonal Events for Maximum Visibility

Our Amazon Deals strategy achieved great results, with the average ROAS reaching 2.85. This contributed significantly to the consistent 55.9% quarterly increase in traffic from January 2022 to March 2023.

Our approach centered on securing visibility on Amazon’s ‘Today’s Deals’ section, thereby enhancing our exposure on the Amazon website. Additionally, by strategically scheduling Amazon Deals during key seasonal events such as Black Friday and high-demand periods like allergy season, we effectively refined our sales strategy on Amazon to optimize performance.

Humble Bunny case study Dr.Fischer Japan E-Commerce Amazon Deals

*Lighting deal - Amazon deal offered for 12 hours.

Creating a Reliable Source of Income Though Recurrent Purchases (Subscribe and Save Program)

We implemented the Subscribe and Save program on Amazon to enhance our sales retention, which resulted in a significant increase in sales. This program encourages customers to make automated regular purchases by subscribing to regular product deliveries instead of making a one-time purchase. The ratio of Subscribe and Save sales to Total Sales rose from 4.88% to 16.73% in 7 months, generating a reliable source of revenue for the business.

By taking advantage of peak seasons such as Black Friday and pollen allergy seasons to promote the program, the average increase in sales per quarter related to Subscribe and Save represented 79.51%.

Humble Bunny case study Dr.Fischer Japan E-Commerce Amazon Subscribe and Save

*Quarterly sales in 2022 and 2023 related to Subscribe and Save.

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