Reima Japan SEO

Client Details

Industry Children and baby consumer goods/fashion.
Product High-quality outdoor items ranging from raincoats & pants, boots, winter coats & overalls, sneakers, swimsuits, and more.
Target market Japanese parents looking for Finland’s famous product quality and ability to protect from the elements for their kids.
Objective Increasing organic traffic to the Reima Japan website through SEO targeted blog posts and product pillar page creation.

What We Have Achieved

Reima seo case study stats blocks

Project Details

Reima is a top outdoor apparel brand from Finland who was looking for a partner to help them build their presence in the Japanese market. They needed both ecommerce and SEO support, and reached out to us for help. 

A combined Localization Strategy for Success

We fully managed their Amazon and Rakuten ecommerce marketplaces. We were able to boost sales through launching and optimizing product listings across multiple categories, increase the ROAS and performance of paid ads, and ran platform specific deals such as Super Sales, Prime Days, and other key initiatives (for more on our Reima ecommerce strategy, see our ecommerce case study!). In addition to our ecommerce efforts, Reima also wanted to increase organic traffic on their own website with an SEO package. We were able to localize and optimize existing content, as well as create new, custom content to drive traffic and increase organic reach in the Japanese market. With this combined approach, we aimed to dramatically increase Reima sales and presence within Japan.

Extensive keyword research

As always, our first step in our SEO process was to conduct extensive keyword research in Japanese. We first gathered a large pool of possible terms and long-tail keywords before narrowing them down, focusing on intent and click potential. We then categorized our list to develop a cluster strategy around relevant topics, prioritizing based on intent, keyword difficulty and search volume.

Strategic cluster Strategy

We implemented a cluster strategy to gain authority for target topics that would help lead traffic to the site. To do this, we chose 12 pillar topics around Reima and their products, sustainability, and parenting and raising children with an outdoors focus. Each pillar topic was then complimented with sub-clusters to develop a strong basis of content and build lasting authority. We then developed custom blog posts on a monthly basis to target these clusters, also keeping in mind seasonality and local events to capitalize on trending topics with increased search volume. 

Product Pillar Pages

As the second half of our approach, we aimed to increase traffic to conversion focused pages by creating pillar pages for each product category. 

Reima SEO Pillar Page Content Kids Footwear


We first localized the English pillar pages, then optimized them for the Japanese market. Our optimization approach included:

  • General copy optimization to better fit the Japanese market
  • Conducting an analysis to identify Reima’s best selling products per category in Japan
  • Highlighting these products with custom copy to target Japanese customers
  • Showcasing positive customer reviews in Japanese
  • Creating infographics to provide additional product or sizing information

Each pillar page focused on a certain category of children’s clothing such as rainwear, swimwear, footwear, etc. which then leads to the product catalog pages to guide users to their desired products without having to filter themselves. 

We also included a seasonal pillar page highlighting all products related to a certain time of year in order to capitalize on seasonal searches. 

Organic Traffic Volume

Organic web traffic SEO report for Reima


Raising the organic traffic volume is a key metric for any SEO project, and for Reima, we were able to produce some pretty incredible results! Over 2023, we consistently built up organic traffic throughout the year resulting in a 123.2% increase from January to October, culminating in a 40% increase from September to October alone. 

In driving a higher amount of traffic to the website, we aim to improve brand recognition and trust in the Japanese market. Japanese consumers have generally low levels of trust towards companies, making building this base a crucial aspect of overall success. We have also subtly worked in product placements throughout our articles to continue to boost awareness of Reima products without compromising user experience on the page. 

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Keyword Performance

Humble Bunny's Reima case study keyword performance data

We started with a base number of several hundred tracked keywords, and have since grown that to a total of 406 keywords. Our benchmark placement in most cases was a rank of 101+, so we knew we had a lot of work to do to start building authority and raising Reima’s ability to rank for targeted keywords and topics. Within our first six months, we made significant progress, particularly around the topic of sustainable clothing with the targeted keyword raising up to an average of 93.3 places on search, reaching the first page of results.

Over time, we began to further develop authority in the realm of children’s clothing and childrearing in general and were able to replicate this success with other clusters as well. By raising the rank of targeted keywords, we were able to increase clicks year over year by 70.8%. Our impressions also increased by 239.5% from January to October (time of writing) in 2023 alone!

Our Content Creation Process

Reima SEO blog article sample for case study

Humble Bunny’s advanced content creation process starts with robust reporting and a data-driven approach, combined with seasonal knowledge and a local touch. Every month, we dive back into our keyword research and propose 5 new keywords that would complement our current strategy for the best possible results. Upon client approval, we then narrow down our list to 2 keywords and develop an article around this topic. 

For the next step, our experienced copywriters conduct in-depth research for each article. To ensure we are meeting the needs of our target audience, we also develop and conduct surveys to help better inform our approach. The data is then repurposed (as below) into helpful tidbits, graphics, and relatable stats to engage the target audience and promote further interaction with the brand. 

Bar graph showing children age when dual income parents were the busiest parenting
Bar graph showing data gathered from a Reima survey on what age children were when dual income parents felt the busiest.

As much as creating in-depth content is a great first step, our approach doesn’t stop there. Throughout our content creation process, we maintain the highest level of quality across every deliverable. Each piece of content is put through an extensive quality review process to provide maximum value with maximum impact on every post. Some of our key quality checkpoints are:

  • The content includes a unique vision that is unique to our post.
  • Based on current Google rankings for the target keyword, the content aligns with user intent.
  • The content gives 25% to 50% more depth, detail, or clarity of information than other blogs of the same topic.
  • The post is at least 2000 Japanese characters long.
  • There are at least 2 inbound and 2 outbound links coming from and going to other Reima content.
  • The content references Reima products and/or experience directly. 

The Humble Bunny Advantage

The Humble Bunny approach is always characterized by partnership. We aim to provide full transparency around our approach, and have a habit of over delivering. We know that building a strong SEO strategy isn’t something that happens overnight, but by consistently creating high quality content around topics that the target audience is looking for. Finding these topics doesn’t happen by chance, and building authority doesn’t happen with weak or unlocalized content. With this in mind, we aimed to dive a little deeper than what Reima’s competitors were offering, and provide a depth of content that would establish Reima in the children’s apparel space. 

To consistently provide this level of in-depth analysis, we create monthly reports in our signature 3/2/1 framework. These reports summarize 3 performance highlights, 2 anomalies and 1 key learning gained from the previous month. Collecting these insights on a monthly basis provides ample resources over time to identify trends, track changes, and propose new ideas for highly targeted content with the highest chance of success.

For a more in depth look at our reporting process, check out our SEO services page!

For example, with Reima, we were able to identify the importance of baby ages per month, and create content tailored to every month of baby’s age. This could include benchmarks for sleep, size, and other concerns parents may be searching for in regards to their children. We were also able to prepare and capitalize on all seasons in Japan, covering each one separately including local seasons such as Tsuyu (rainy season).

Steal Our Best SEO Ideas!

Here are a couple quick discoveries we’ve pulled from the data of our latest SEO projects. Why? To help you make the changes you need to gain traction in the Japanese market! As an agency, we are always digging deeper and searching for those little yet significant tweaks that will push our clients to the next level of success. If you need a partner to help you identify and implement changes like these on a monthly basis, let us know!

Including a CTA in the first half of our articled increased downloads by 111% Discovery card
Continuously optimizing topic clusters increased organic traffic of an older, related article by 2225% Discovery card
Re-working article titles to match search intent increased CTR by 58% for a top-ranked keyword Discovery card
Incorporating client report data into our article increased targeted keyword rank from 20 to 5 Discovery card

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