Reima Japan Ecommerce

Client Details

Industry Consumer goods/Fashion.
Product High-quality outdoor items ranging from raincoats & pants, boots, winter coats & overalls, sneakers, swimsuits, and more.
Target market Japanese parents looking for Finland’s famous quality and protection from elements for their kids.
Objective Increasing sales via the e-commerce channel via brand localization and marketplace optimization for Amazon and Rakuten

Project Details

Reima, a premium outdoor clothing brand for kids from Finland with over 80 years of heritage approached us looking for support in the local growth in Japan. The services we provided included:

    • Comprehensive Japan market growth support
    • Fully managing Amazon and Rakuten marketplaces and boosting sales through launching and optimizing product listings across multiple categories, increasing the ROAS and performance of the paid ads, running deals, Super Sales, Prime Days, and other key events, designing localized product images and A+ content, and more!
    • SEO for increased Organic Traffic
    • CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) for the Reima Japan website
    • Local Digital PR

All of this led to a long-lasting relationship with the client and allowed us to help Reima establish a strong presence in Japan and boost sales on both marketplaces and the e-commerce website.

Bulletproof Optimization Procedures

Humble Bunny case study for Reima Japan Amazon marketplace optimization procedures

*Humble Bunny Amazon marketplace optimization procedures.

In order to be able to quickly and efficiently handle multiple listing creations and optimizations, keyword and USP extractions, designs, copywriting, etc. for many products across many different categories, we have developed an advanced system of tracking the optimizations, organizing the documents and research, as well as checking the progress and creating milestones to achieve beautiful, fully optimized listings in a timely and predictable manner.

USP Extraction & Premium Asset Design

Humble Bunny case study for Reima Japan project e-commerce marketplaces design

*Unique selling proposition extracted and designed for Reima.

By analyzing Reima’s catalog we have extracted the unique selling proposition for each of the core products and then localized them in the form of benefit-driven, annotated product images that tapped into marketing psychology. This allowed us to boost the conversion rates on product listings and also supported the performance of our paid ads (as each product page session was much more likely to convert).

An additional benefit would also be reducing the number of negative reviews and customer complaints, due to provisioning more details, angles of the product, kid model images, care instructions, safety award badges, and more – which allowed customers to make more informed shopping decisions.

Through all of our designs we have maintained unique Reima brand features, keeping the premium feel but also localizing it so that it connected with the local customers in Japan.

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Amazon Ads Acceleration

Through strategic keyword research using SellerSprite, ongoing negative keyword optimizations, strategic use of automated campaigns, advanced bid optimizations, product title tweaks, and positive review acquisition, we were able to boost the Amazon ad CTR by 9% on average month on month:

Humble Bunny case study for Reima Japan project Amazon ads CTR

*Reima CTR increase on Amazon ads.

While our ads keep generating more and more clicks and sales thanks to a better CTR, the cost per individual click also kept coming down at the same time:

Humble Bunny case study for Reima Japan project Amazon ads CPC

*Reima CPC decrease on Amazon ads.

Together, the positive and steady improvements in CTR and lowering the CPC led to an average increase in Amazon ads ROAS of 14.3% month on month, which is a testament to the advanced ad optimizations and strategies we deployed for Reima.

Humble Bunny case study for Reima Japan project Amazon Sponsored Brands ads

*Amazon Sponsored Brands ad with custom headline and banner.

There are 3 crucial components of the Sponsored Brands ads on Amazon:

  • Product selection
  • Banner/video
  • Headline

We have maximized each one of them by selecting only the bestselling, most optimized products as a gateway to our shop and listings on Amazon. This was followed by a custom banner and headline creation, to which we applied the advertising psychology of connecting it to a specific benefit but also a seasonal pain point (Typhoon season in Japan, which created a higher demand for waterproof clothing).

Additionally, we kept A/B testing all of the components of our Sponsored Brands ads, for example by comparing collage banners (benefit of having multiple smaller images, with different products, angles, kid models, applications, etc.) vs. a single image that focused on one product and it’s specific benefit.

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A+ Content

Humble Bunny case study for Reima Japan project Amazon A+ Content

*Amazon A+ Content created by Humble Bunny for Reima.

We further applied the extracted unique selling proposition to developing a custom A+ content section. This was also boosted with the cross-promoting elements (like the product comparison chart above) which allowed shoppers not only to quickly compare the values and features of each product but also helped Reima cross-sell more products, thus supporting the average basket value.

Optimizing For Flawless Customer Experience

Humble Bunny case study for Reima Japan project marketplace size chart design

*Sizing table developed and designed for flawless customer experience.

When entering a new market (especially as unique as Japan) and scaling the presence and sales there, every small detail matters. This is why we were committed to not only working on the technical aspects of the Amazon and Rakuten platforms but also striving to provide a flawless customer experience.

One of the actions we took was deconstructing the sizing issues (especially around the boot product category) that the client was experiencing in the market. We researched the top competitors’ sizing systems, but also physically ordered and measured their products against Reima’s – which led us to redesign the sizing charts and increase the number of positive customer reviews regarding the size.

Quick Rakuten Sales Boost

Humble Bunny case study for Reima Japan project Rakuten sales

*Reima Japan Rakuten sales increase.

We have left no stone unturned to maximize the sales on the Rakuten platform. Our actions included:

  • Product listing creation and optimizations
  • RPP (Rakuten search) ads setup and optimization
  • Super Sale preparation and launch
  • Rakuten event participation (for example ‘Mamawari’ campaign)
  • Review coupon creation
  • Product title and meta keyword optimizations
  • Cross-selling banner design
  • Thumbnail image design
  • Removal of unauthorized Reima reseller listings
  • Technical setup of Rakuten logistics on Shippinno platform
  • Customer support

All of that was combined with our curiosity, testing, and extraction of valuable insights that led to a 101.1% average increase in Rakuten sales month on month.

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Skyrocketing Rakuten Organic Ranks

Humble Bunny case study for Reima Japan project Rakuten organic ranks

*Rakuten product optimized by Humble Bunny winning #1 rank.

We have deployed several strategies in order to win #1 rank in the very competitive product category:

  • In-depth keyword research
  • Product title optimizations
  • Boosting sales through RPP (Rakuten search) ads

The combined effects of using strategic keywords in both product title and ad targeting allowed us to boost the sales velocity, which in turn led to winning the #1 rank in the boots category. This translated into increased visibility, organic product listing sessions, and booming sales!

At Humble Bunny, we always aim to win the organic top ranks and prepare long-term strategies that will result in organic sales – going hand in hand with the paid strategy (Rakuten search and display ads) to generate as high sales velocity as possible. Over time, we aim to get more sales through organic performance, as it is more profitable than the sales attributed to ads.

Making The Most Of The Rakuten System

Humble Bunny case study for Reima Japan project Rakuten coupon

*Rakuten coupon designed by Humble Bunny for Reima.

We have designed a custom coupon for multiple formats and placements on Rakuten in order to incentivize new product reviews (1,000 yen off on the next purchase) and research a newsletter delivery method to communicate this new incentive to past customers. Essentially it allowed us to start building a custom review acquisition system on Rakuten – which was crucial for tackling the local need for strong social proof in the Japanese market.

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