Sleeping Baby – Building Your Brand in the Japanese Market

Client Details

Industry Premium baby clothing.
Product High-quality sleepsuits and swaddles for newborns and babies up to 3-4 years old.
Target market Japanese parents looking for baby sleepsuits and swaddle transition solutions.
Objective Developing the Japanese website and increasing brand awareness in Japan.

Project Details

Sleeping Baby is a premium American brand behind the innovative sleepsuit and swaddle for newborns up to 3-4 years old which was featured on Shark Tank. Their premium product is designed to help babies transition out of traditional swaddles, prevent startling, reduce crying at night, and help millions of babies and parents around the world sleep better each night.

Upon entering a partnership with Sleeping Baby, we took on 3 key marketplaces: Japan, The UK, and The US, and achieved notable success in each.

To enhance the client’s visual identity in the Japanese market, we developed a full local visual identity of their brand, including localized product naming, logos, icons, and product images. Simultaneously, we helped build their Japanese website by localizing their existing US website. Lastly, to bolster brand awareness, we took strategic PR initiatives and executed PPC advertising campaigns on both Meta and Google.

Brand Localization: When in Japan, Do It the Japanese Way

Brand localization is crucial for foreign brands entering the Japanese market due to the unique language and culture of the country. Unfortunately, many foreign brands struggle to resonate with Japanese customers during this initial phase.

One unique psychological trait of Japanese consumers that many foreigners fail to understand is their uncertainty avoidance tendency. Compared to their counterparts, Japanese consumers are more conservative in their purchasing habits, usually preferring established products and brands. Additionally, they often seek detailed information about products and services before purchasing. ​​

Keeping this in mind, we prioritized establishing Sleeping Baby as a recognized and trusted brand in Japan, ensuring consistent and reliable information across all customer touchpoints.

Starting with the brand name, we decided to set the Japanese brand naming as “スリーピングベビー” (Katakana of ‘Sleeping Baby’) based on industry research and search volume impact for the keyword element such as “ベビー(Baby)”. In addition, we added the Japanese brand name on top of the official logo to communicate local and international feelings about the brand.


Alongside the iconic Sleeping Star in the logo, we introduced two new characters exclusively designed for the Japanese market, which were Okurumin (the Japanese version of the Zipadee-Zip Swaddle Transition) and Musasabi (the Japanese translation of Sleeping Baby’s original Flying Squirrel pajama).

These characters not only strengthened Sleeping Baby’s product identity but also cultivated a deeper connection with the brand.

Humble Bunny case study for Sleeping Baby Japan project e-commerce and brand development custom product logos

Humble Bunny case study for Sleeping Baby Japan brand development custom logo publication

*Our design was featured in the MdN Designers File 2021 Book.

Our next challenge was to design the new Japanese website from scratch. Given our experience in Japanese web design, we quickly put together a new layout and extracted several unique value propositions (UVPs) for Sleeping Baby to display on the new website.

From detailing the product range and providing size charts to offering step-by-step guides on properly swaddling babies, we ensured that all essential information was readily available for parents seeking a seamless transition to swaddling.

It is noteworthy that Japanese customers commonly appreciate products that have received awards. This inclination is prevalent in Japanese web design and product packaging. So, we’ve included this idea in Sleeping Baby’s Japanese website by displaying all the awards of the brand including:

    • The National Parenting Product Awards – 2018
    • What to Expect Best Sleep Sack Editor’s Award – 2019
    • Parent’s Picks Award – 2019
Humble Bunny case study for Sleeping Baby Japan brand development Japanese website

*Sleeping Baby’s Japanese website developed by Humble Bunny.

What’s more? We added the most popular item badges to our best-sellers to help customers simplify the decision-making process. This is a common technique in Japanese online and offline shops to increase sales and conversions while reinforcing the brand’s reputation for quality and popularity.
Humble Bunny case study for Sleeping Baby Japan brand development best sellers badges
To further ensure an easy and smooth product experience, we created a video tutorial illustrating detailed product features and simple steps for properly using the swaddle on babies.

Our thorough brand localization approach resulted in a cohesive, culturally adapted, and trustworthy brand image in Japan, ultimately leading to increased conversion rates and sales.

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PPC in Japan: Improving ROAS and Get More From the Ad Spend

Ad Performance Highlights

Humble Bunny case study for Sleeping Baby Japan brand development ad performance highlight

Meta Ads In Japan

Meta ads is a tremendously useful tool to drive traffic and conversions in Japan considering 45.7 million active users on Instagram and 15.05 million active users on Facebook (for more details check out our annual comprehensive report on social media trends in Japan: Japan’s Top Social Media Platforms for 2024 – 9th Edition).

In campaigns aimed at increasing conversions, we sent users to the official Sleeping Baby website. This allowed us to use pixel tracking for better targeting. On the other hand, in campaigns focused on generating traffic, we directed Meta users straight to Sleeping Baby’s online shops on Amazon and Rakuten, aiming to maximize the number of clicks on the links.

Humble Bunny case study for Sleeping Baby Japan brand development PPC Meta ad Japan

Our advanced testing strategy involved exploring various targeting options based on demographics, interests, behaviors, and user interactions with the brand. This approach enabled us to reach all relevant audiences, particularly by leveraging:

  • Email list targeting
  • Lookalike audience targeting (based on website visitors and newsletter subscribers)
  • Creative manual interest-based targeting
  • Targeting audiences that interacted with other ads (driving customers down the sales funnel)
  • Remarketing to shoppers who visited the online store but did not finalize the purchase

Additionally, we continuously experimented with different ad formats including:

  • Static images
  • Animated images
  • Videos
  • Carousels

Through our observations, we found that animated images and videos tended to generate significantly higher CTRs among Sleeping Baby’s customer base. So, we assisted our clients in producing more content of these kinds.

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PR in Japan: Building Trust and Awareness for Foreign Brands

PR Performance Highlights

Humble Bunny case study for Sleeping Baby Japan brand development PR performance highlight
In Japan’s intricate market, Public Relations (PR) is crucial for foreign brands to succeed. By understanding Japanese culture, foreign brands can use PR to showcase their offerings and connect with local values.

For Sleeping Baby, which aims to help parents and children with great products, these ideas can build a strong brand presence, especially considering that Japan is enhancing support for child-rearing to reverse the declining birth rate.

However, there’s no one-size-fits-all PR approach for a brand like Sleeping Baby. We make a customer persona for each product and find its unique selling points. Then, we target the right media in Japan to promote each product effectively.

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Humble Bunny case study for Sleeping Baby Japan brand development PR value proposition

Our efforts, along with strong partnerships with local media outlets, have led to over 40 media features, including one on the SmartNews app, which has over 50 million users. This resulted in an estimated outreach of 400,000 impressions.

Humble Bunny case study for Sleeping Baby Japan brand development PR media pick up

To enhance the brand image further, we helped Sleeping Baby partner with Little Ones, a non-profit aiding single parents and addressing child poverty in Japan. Through this, Sleeping Baby donated swaddles to many struggling single parents. One mother even sent the brand a heartfelt letter thanking Sleeping Baby for their generosity.

Customer’s Voice

Humble Bunny case study for Sleeping Baby Japan brand development PR CSR partnership

*Handwritten letter from a Japanese single mom to Sleeping Baby

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